Monday, June 30, 2008

i love you robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just got a package from ROBIN COLLINS! i am going to take pictures of the contents because in said package was a CAMERA! expect many a picture of the fun times here in asheville. maybe i will take a picture of the super ultra secret target back room. i took pictures of our new and improved bookcase that i will maybe put up tonight. i made jt find a cable before we were allowed to leave the apt.
speaking of robin, i had lunch with several members of her family yesterday. the gilliam/burtin fuddrucker meeting of 2008. or should i say yellum/burton meeting. the fuddrucker people messed up my order within an inch of its life and i felt like kicking and throwing a tantrum but i let it go for company's sake. after lunch we came back to the apartment and i lead the shortest tour in history. "here's the living room, library area, media room, office, bedroom, craft/dining table, kitchen, laundry room, and ending the tour with a glance to the left at the bathroom. i think it was 4 steps total. all i can say is that i am glad i decided to clean saturday. it was a really good visit and i was left with about 9 cookies. that was a nice little bonus. after that i think we just stayed in. i wore my roller skates around the apt and i feel like i am ready to take the operation to the laundry room. it is a pretty open space with nice floors.
well, we are going to the grocery store. i am trying to eat less like a teenage boy and more like a lady. this means that i cant eat a whole box of hambuger/chicken helper all by myself. i will let you know how that goes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

i know yesterday was kind of a boo hoo post for me and i cant stress enough that it is my lady parts that are making me act this way but i am going to talk about something that sticks in my craw. well, number one, i hate when people say "...sticks in my craw". that is not was i was going to say though. i hate it when people show out on their own home videos. i was just watching this youtube video of a girl and her refrigerator issues and i honestly wanted to fall out of my chair in annoyance. of course you say to yourself "well you don't have to watch it!" and to you i say "shut up". i stopped in halfway through because even my weird need to see other peoples fridges could not overpower the over acting. not even acting, it was supposed to be a documentation of appliance problems and it felt like an 8th grade drama class from hell. i felt like the point they were trying to make was "look at me and my life, i am great and people will want to be me or be around me after they see this great video". i know i am getting all riled up about something that is pretty stupid but it just gets on my nerves. something that does not get on my nerves is this::

oh boy, that is good stuff.

i promise i will be in a better mood later on. maybe tomorrow.

Friday, June 27, 2008


i am a walking bad mood. jt did 3/4ths of the dishes so that made the bad mood a tiny bit less. 1/4th of those dishes that were clean ended up in a drying rack on the floor. he put the drying rack on the floor people. it will be hilarious in a few days, when i first saw it it was the least funny thing i had ever seen. it topped the time i saw a guy get trampled by a bus. he also cleaned off the top of the bookshelf so i can make it look like an actual bookshelf. it just looks like a pile of paper vomit. i am listening to otis reddings "love man" and it is doing wonders for my mood. i feel a little better. i think my mood is 99% hormonal right now. plus work was not all that great. i don't want to talk about work that much because i am super paranoid about being "dooced" (see right) and someone will find this thing and get their feelings hurt or get my hind end fired. i don't want to get fired. i like everyone i work with, i really do but sometimes i wish i knew them a little more so i could say what i want to say and know how to say it to them. that is all i have to say about that. trust me, if at some point we talk in the near future, i will tell you all about it. long story short, i feel like a certain person really is out to get me in the mildest sense of the word. MILDEST, honestly. maybe its just their personality but i have not an ounce of tolerance for someone that is waiting for the other person to screw up so they can be the "better" person. it just kills me when people are extra full of themselves. be a little humble, jeeeeeeeez. its laughable, really. i should not let people get to me, i don't have to go home with them. thats really all i should say. i feel guilty already. ugh.
i havnt had a soda in a couple of days! i think the last one was at the cornerstone. i wanted cherry coke but when we got it, it just tasted like regular coke and regular coke makes me want to rip my own tongue out. now that i am talking about it, i would love to have a sonic dr. pepper. i remember when morgan parker would buy a whole bag of sonic ice for me and every drink i got for days would be sonic-a-licious. ugh, i am super emotional today.
jt is going to south carolina tomorrow. it will also be the first day of my last 3 day weekend for who knows how long. i am not sure when i will have a whole day off again. joyful. i will most likely be spending it cleaning and organizing so i dont feel completely out of it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

fruitful day

we ate at an old people cafeteria today and it was GREAT. think of picadilly without crappy food. i ate the 3rd best chocolate pie of my life. the first being my mom's chocolate pie i remember from my youth, the 2nd being cracker barrel. i ate 5/6th of a whole cracker barrel pie. the other piece was inhaled by a certain miss roxanne. you know you did it. after that we went to mr. k's and got an armload of books for the low low price of $24. i got 2 garrison keillor books and "name all the animals". jt got every douglas adams story ever, and a "why my wife thinks im an idiot" by mike greenburg. that is a pretty good deal. its like getting 5 books for the price of one hardback OR two and a half paperbacks. then we came home and i fussed about not having a nice place to display all of our books and nice things. what i really meant was "please get rid of all your stuff so i can bring in more of my stuff". i realize this and i need to compromise a little better. i am slowly taking over the apartment and my stuff is always eeeeverywhere. things that i don't even use or need. i read about "the 100 thing challenge" and i honestly don't think i could have only 100 things. this includes clothing and shoes. i do need to get rid of things that i haven't used in the past year and dont plan to use this year or the next.

i am trying to think of something that happened at work. nothing exciting.

jt is home so we can finish dinner. the end.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

target time

well. today was my first day at target. i am pretty sure i will like it there. i may even love it. i dont have to cover the ol' space lady. i can even get more tattoos and not have to cover them either. the only exception is facial tattoos. nice to know. as far as i can tell, i mean, team members are treated really well and the management team there is great. i am not working more than a regular full time job so that is kind of nice. i am kind of blank in the mind right now, sorry. it was a good day and i am looking forward to my being employed there. i am honestly feeling brain dead. i think it is because we walked through the earth fare and greenlife market. 2 organic, peace loving grocery stores in one day is enough to sap even the most hardened capitalist pig. we went to earth fare to get the greatest bottled water on the earth, blue moon. i cant describe the greatness of this water. ask jt. we also bought milk there so we would not have to go to another store. organic milk with a lion on the jug. i feel like i am helping the earth as we speak. i will have some cereal and global warming will just end. i feel it. in my heart. target milk is the best and that is no lie. go to target, get any type of milk---nonfat included---and taste the difference. ask jt. i hadn't actually tasted milk that tasted like milk for yeeeeeeeeeears....then target milk filled that hole in my life. honestly. this coming from someone that didn't drink milk till i was well into my teens. is this enough about milk? yes, i thought so. anyway. at some point in the day we went to the stupidly located staples so i could get a planner to keep up with my wacky schedule and we saw what we thought was a shopping center across the street. we vowed to see what it was but not at that moment. we took a trip to world market because i didn't want to be in the apartment. we looked around for what seemed like forever and left almost empty handed. it could be considered a bust, for the time it takes to get there. THEN we went to the mystery shopping center and it ended up being the greenlife market, see above. same stuff as earth fare, just smaller and the organic people are closer to you. the organic workers are also smilier. that is, they smile more...that was not a spelling error that was supposed to be smellier. or slimier.
we saw a couple versions of the baby sling today and the one that i think is adorable looked as if the baby was free falling off of the dad. arms, legs, and head all in the wrong place. it looked like an upside down spider. a pink, adorable, baby spider! plus the dad was like "baby? what baby? i am cool with my sunglasses, pleated pants, and my bluetooth thingie. and i dont wear socks with my loafers!"
what else.....i think that is it. jt is watching a show that just sounds terrible. i mean, terrible. i am trying to keep writing so i dont have to find anything else to do. jt has until bedtime to clean the kitchen. this is a written warning. the verbal/handshake was earlier. if he does not do them, a final warning will be issued in the form of mean looks and a loud verbal assault. something like that.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one more thing

i love the twilight series and i no longer care who knows it. i have made up excuses in the past, why i was reading them but now i am just going to say it: they are pretty damn good. i look forward to the 4th book in the series and we will most likely buy it, if not on the first day, soon soon soon after it is released. plus jt and i have both read it so we can talk about it and that is always nice. if i had these books in middle school or even high school, it would have ruled my life! i would have written "i love edward cullen" all over everything that i own. since i am an adult i don't do that....maybe just once or twice....but no more than three times.

phew. honestly i could go on but thats all for now. i have the last half of the 3rd to read. i am trying to savor it because i read the first 2 in just a few days.

i am really opening myself up here, admitting that i like books that are geared towards 12-15 year old girls. i used to get really annoyed with adults that read harry potter and now i can be lumped into that category. i really don't care. a book is a book is a book. a good story is just that. at least they don't have pictures.


well. i removed tumblr from this thing because tumblr is dumb. i removed twitter as well. i thought i would like that whole concept but i really don't. i also added more sites that i love and go to several times a day. i have more to put up there i just got distracted by putting clothes away and making some cds. i am making another little cd and plan to send it out. if i have your address i will send it to you. if i have your address and you don't want it, send me a sign and let me know. it will be a little more thought out than the last i sent. if i don't have your address and you want it, give it to me. if you think i have lost your address and just want to check on your status, let me know and i will check on that for you. if you have the cd and i sent out last time, listen to "if its the beaches" all the way through whilst sitting in the dark. its oh so nice.

i accomplished a lot tonight. by that i mean at least half. i did my secret workout and the first day of the 100 push-up challenge. i made my dinner and ate it. i ate a little cherry pie and it was not as good and i had hoped it would be. not really even close. i want a huge blue moon water but i think i will have to settle for britta pitcher water. which i hate for some reason. it cant fool me, i know it is dirty pipe water. i know that most bottled water is tap water as well so i dont want to hear it. i am in such a bad mood! ugh, i have no idea why. i decided against laundry because i have work clothes for tomorrow and it can wait another day.



i start target tomorrow! i am actually really excited about it for some reason. i got a 4 red shirts, only 2 of which i am 100% allowed to wear. one is short sleeved and shows a bit of the ol' space lady and the other looks like a red sack. aaaanyway. we went to kohls to look for some target appropriate clothes and we ended up finding more shorts for jt. i am happy that he has more than just the one pair now. practically one for every day of the week! and in different colors! exciting! i was a little wary about him going in with me but after the fruitful shopping trip was over i was really surprised what a good shoppers we are. by that i mean we go in, get what we need, get the hell out. plus he helped me pick out shoes and even brought them to me whilst i say on my behind. another great thing jt did today would be chicken getting. when we got home a minute ago i remembered that i forgot the chicken for my ultra mega salad that i am going to prepare tonight. i just threw down the bags and screamed "NOW I CANT HAVE A SALAD! I WILL NOT EAT IT WITHOUT CHICKEN!!". i think he was out the door fetching chicken before it turned into an all out blood bath. also on the menu---brussel sprouts with cheese, a honey wheat bread thing like they have at outback steakhouse, a baked potato, AND CHERRY PIE! i cant wait! plus we got a ton of movies and i have a secret workout video to do. jt is on a man-date in case you could not tell. i am off to do my secret work out! then dinner! then movies and dessert. in that order. laundry has to be in there somewhere too.

Monday, June 23, 2008


i am back! had a good time in was jts birthday by the way. i really am not in a big bloging mood at the moment. here are some key points:

-we are about to eat the greatest salad in the world
-i love ira glass a little more and more every time i listen to him
-work dragged on and on and nothing really happened
-i am almost finished with the twilight series
-i got some roller skates and i am planning to try them out in the carpeted hallway later in the evening
-george carlin died and i just rented a performance of his from the blockbuster a couple of days ago. WEIRD. i am sad about it
-we are having cheeseburgers for dinner
-i have heartburn again...i haven't eaten anything! i am blaming it on nuts again.
-i got my etsy dress a few days ago and i have worn it every opportunity i get. i am wearing it right now! it is the most comfortable thing i have worn in a really long time. i asked her to make me a couple more.
-i may nap after lunch. not a great idea but i am going to do it anyway.
-i got my bridesmaid dress for dee dees weddin' today. we will try to figure it out and take some pictures via cellphone tonight.
-georgia was a great time and i think that it is the only place on the earth that i can get a whole night of sleep. i dont wake up 4-5 times that i normally do. as soon as i hit the pillow i am out cold and dont wake up till i smell food. that is the best way to wake up i must add.
-jt got 2 new pairs of shorts and a pair of shoes. i could not be happier!

salad will be here in a minute!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


i am going to give you a list of 4 things that jt has done today. 2 of the things are true, the other 2 are false.

1. washed the dishes and the cleaned the kitchen
2. built a pillow fort on the bed
3. wore one of my aprons, sans anything else
4. shaved his head

pretty exciting day.

other than that i have nothing to report. leaving for georgia tomorrow, be back sunday night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


so everyone....i work at target now. hold back any emotion you may be feeling about it. on one hand i am really happy about it but on the other i am not. i think my hours at starbucks are going to be going up around the fall but until then i need something a little more full time. it sounds like i am going to be getting all the work i can stand there. we'll see how it goes.

while in the break room waiting to be interviewed, a soap opera was on the tv. i saw christie k's pre-husbands brother on it! i squealed and told the 2 people that were in there that i know someone who knows someone who knows him. it was not as exciting for them.

well. i am going to make our dinner and read before i have to head to work!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i really needed a hit

sheesh, mocha joes are really hit or miss. this one was a m-i-s-s MISS!

i sit in my own little cloud

first order of business: this afternoon when jt was going out to pick up our lunch he called me and said "how badly do you not want to come outside?", and i was like "uhhhh, what do you need? i don't care to go outside"...thinking that he just forgot something. he then told me that the police were outside and someone had broken into my car. funny part is, he just went on to get the food and called me to go out there. he is telling me (this is jt randomly typing to see if she will notice) the story as i type this, as it is new to he reacted to the police. the police officer asked if he knew the owner of the cars and in so many words or SILENCE jt said no. the officer said if saw the owners of the cars to let them know what happened. he said "okay" i guess and went on his way! then called me on the phone to tell me to go outside! i then had to look at my busted car on my own! in the rain! as we all know, my car is full of crap. all of said crap was everywhere and flatly laid out all over the seats. there was not much of value in the car. maybe they could have gotten a couple of dollars from the strawberry shortcake record or the ring-a-ding-ding banjo record. i did appreciate the irony of my avett brothers flyer for "four thieves gone" lying out on the seat. and a magazine clipping that declared "LUCKY GIRL!". uhg. glass was all over everything but i couldn't see anything that was actually gone. UGH, it still pisses me off though. i feel violated. they threw crap on the ground and my apron was in the road. i want to just scream at people that would do this. the car in front of me was broken into as well and as far as i know he still has no idea. jt was parked behind me and nothing happened to his car. maybe because he has nothing in there at all. oh well.
i would have paid to see jt being uncomfortable around the cop, not claiming to know me because of his fear they found drugs or a dead body in my car.

on a lighter note, i am making a great country dinner tonight...soup beans, fried taters, and cornbread. served with grape kool-aid. delightful.

the orange part was jt typing when i went to check on dinner.

Friday, June 13, 2008


hilarious story----jt is making some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. i went in there to tell a story and decided to tell it right beside/behind him, kind of looking over his shoulder. i was actually just looking at his cheese sandwich making technique as it is different from my own. aaaaaanyway, i was going in for a half hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek when he burned himself on the pan and jerked his hand back. the hilarious part is that said hand came into contact with my face! my eye to be exact! my first thought was, "i have to tell everyone....NOW!" because i think it is the funniest thing ever. he, on the other hand, does not.

i am the happiest ever right now though because i have 2 sandwiches coming my way and he is washing all of the dishes after. niiiice.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

jt is showing me how its done with the duck hunt. i honestly tore it up early today, out of 10 rounds i would say i only missed 6 ducks. plus i have only played that game a handful of times in my life so i should get a little credit. we just got back from cheddars where the scariest server of all time waited on us. i asked if i could get rid of the rice completely from my meal because i hate the rice they have there and you would have thought i had asked to strangle a kitten. i made it clear that i wanted nothing in substitution, i just wanted the rice away. after about 5 minutes of her "not being sure" and "i need to speak to my manager about it", i said, "just bring me the rice, its fine". i had never wanted rice more in my life. uhg. she kept coming around and asking us how things were and after we said "great", "awesome", "wonderful", "heaven-like", "never better", etc etc, she just kept standing there watching us eat! what!?!?!? i am not kidding here at all. i swear she was there about four bites after asking us how we were. it was AWKWARD. she asked jt how his burger was even thought it was a chicken sandwich.

on a side note, jt is kicking ass on the duck hunt. i spoke too soon, game over. level 14 is not bad though.

anyway, i kept telling jt to eat faster so we could run away from her. she came over and started telling us hos bored she was and just hanging out while we were trying to keep out mouths full so we would not be expected to reply but guess what? she'll wait! UHG! when she brought the check i felt the relief spread over me but there was no pen to sign the thingie! we were scrambling to find anything to write with and jt was saying "twig, branch, knife, anything, a needle, i will write with my own blood". oh boys, that was a good one. so i had to talk to her and ask for a pen. sucks. i scribbled my name and we booked it out of there.

now we are here and jt is sucking at duck hunt. i played mario brothers today and i actually remembered where weird things were. its scary that the brain will not remember actual information and important things but i sure will remember where to find that extra life mushroom from a video game.

before i go i would like to talk more about the movie i watched this morning. DISTURBING. michael pitt used to be a major celebrity crush of mine but thinking back he has always been kind of creepy. this character was the creepiest by far and i cant decide if i like this movie a lot or not. at the points when he actually looks at the camera and "talks" to you is scarier than that part in the ring where she comes out of the tv. the first time he did it i screamed and ran into the kitchen. i wanted to talk about is movie in depth but i am really tired. really tired.

ps----the only thing about our server that was less than the most irritating experience was when she said "i like that tattoo by the way, that is badass!" but she only said it because its true.

here is what is, here is what is

i am in such a bad mood right now, i cant even express it. even the ultra mega soothing daniel lanois background music isn't making me cool it down. you know those bad moods that hit you and you know that you are visibly frowning and making an ugly face? its like that. i dreamed i was at work all night. even when i woke up and went back to sleep, i dreamed of work. not even weird surreal work, just real actual work work. as in a woman was asking me what i would suggest to drink and we went over the menu together like i normally would. the only weird part was pouring coffee beans over a bowl full of biscuits. maybe because yesterday was the longest work day i have had since i have been back. i volunteered to close at the biltmore village store after working at the regular store. the air conditioning was broken at the biltmore store and it was the slowest store i have ever worked in. ever. i would say i made about 20 drinks the whole night. not a lot.

a great part of yesterday was getting to see nathaniel, jenn, and colin! when they came in a swooned a little bit. i think with this move i appreciate people so much more. i miss people more, i want to stay in contact with people, keep people in my life. i am trying. i am not great at it but i am trying. i wanted to give nathaniel and jenn a wedding gift because i am not going to be able to go to their wedding. we went to the new willaims sonoma and i could not have picked a worse place to get something for them. i am not sure what i thought i was going to be able to find there. i need to get something more meaningful for them but i went ahead and got them a special peanut butter and jelly spatula. it was great to see them. after they left i was honestly a shell of a worker. i was not present at all. i think it was because i felt guilty for not working as hard as i should have while they were there. i was just holding things and looking busy when i was really just talking to them. i talked to peter and apologized for my sub-par performance and i guess that was a little weird to do.

i watched the most disturbing movie this morning. "funny games". i am going to talk more about it later but right now we are going to get something to eat.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 od 2.............

also......i want this bike. tell jt that i need it. i neeeeeeeeeed it.

"beneath my goody 2 shoes, lie some very dark socks"

sooooo....i was just watching the simpsons and lisa, bart, and martin were doing some sort of dinosaur bone digging type of thing. anyway, martin fell over a cliff and lisa accidentally prodded him and made him fall a long way down....bouncing off of the cliff the whole way down and whatnot. the point of my telling you this is that i actually covered my mouth and gasped. i also said "ohhhh myyyy goodness!!!!!". i am still watching the episode and i am a little shaken by it. is that weird? i feel like it is a little weird. i hope is this a joke episode. sheesh.

want to know what had for dinner? pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, with broccoli. i drank a great tea i got on the way out of work. all in all a good dinner. jt is on a man-date so it was all me. i make is sound like jt is always on a man-date it is actually only every tuesday and the occasional saturday.

this episode is still going on and i am wondering what they are going to do about the whole martin dying situation. watch it on hulu. it is called "n is for nerder". i am nervous about it. you will be too.

work was uneventful. being planted in the same place is the worst fate. for the past few years i have been free to roam from place to place and there was always something i had to do...close tills, get change, deposits, asking people to do things, organizing i just stand on one of 2 places 90% of the time i am at work. either bar or register. all day. no variation. i barely even have to get things for myself. i just say "can you get me this/that/the other" and the shift supervisor will go get it for me. uhg. it is hard to be the happiest person on the earth for 4-8 hours a day. actually, now that i don't feel as hated at work its okay but you know what i mean.

martin is still dead in this episode? what the heck man?

moving on. i am now watching an episode of "the daily show" with guest david sedaris. on that note i am going to go ahead and stop with the "blogging". i have "blogged" enough. enjoy the "blogginess" of this particular "blog" entry. "blog". it just sounds like someone is throwing up in a humid swamp......BLOOOOOOG. i honestly almost threw up right then. seriously. i cant stress enough that i am not lying there.

martin=alive. shew, don't worry....i like that when you misspell "don't" by just leaving out the apostrophe, the first option they give you to replace it is "donut". hilarious.

Monday, June 9, 2008

you got the right stuff

another amazing dinner tonight people. jambalaya with kielbasa and sister shuberts yeast rolls. hey-oh! it was great. it didn't help the heartburn i have been suffering all freaking day long. what did help is the triple thick shake from the fancy mcdonalds. it was not triple thick at all just to clarify. we also drove past a little something that made me want to jump out of the car. a williams sanoma. a stand alone store people! i don't have to go to the mall! they also had a jcrew. uhg, this entry will be short because my heartburn just cant take it. seriously. i thought it was caused by the trailmix i ate in abundance the last time it was this bad but i honestly have not idea what is making it happen.

i walked to work today, just so everyone knows. work was also great, another fact for you. i walked home in the million degree heat and as soon as i walked in the door i headed for the shower. a cool-ish shower and a nap was the greatest thing i have ever experienced. better than the great sandwich and root beer i ate in bed before i passed out from pure happiness. i still have half a sandwich left in the fridge! plus leftovers from tonights dinner. jts lunch tomorrow will be a feasty feast. i would say that a post hard walk (stroll, lets be honest) shower is almost as good as the post beach shower. i hate the beach, everyone knows that, but on the days that i actually put on a swim suit and stayed at the beach during daylight hours there was nothing better than going home and taking a shower. uhg, i almost want to go to the beach just for the after-shower. who am i kidding though? no one. thats who.

no more typing, must writhe around and whine about my heartburn and the taste of rolaids.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

my friend

uhg, we just had the best dinner ever. ever. i dont even want to talk about it because i am so full that even thinking about food is making me ill. we has chicken sauted in olive oil with onions, pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, and a great salad. i cant even express how great it was. even though i was full after we ate, i had a cherry pie with cool whip. it was great great great. what tops it off, we were watching "over her head body". hilarious. i hate eva longoria so much but i wanted to watch it because paul rudd is the greatest ever. i hate to say it but this is not the worst movie i have ever seen. jt has laughed at least a dozen times. that means a lot.

work was nothing to really write about. apparently i say "my friend" a lot and people are starting to take notice. my customer line goes a little something like this "there you are my friend, you have a good day now", when i am handing out a drink or giving back money. other than that, nothing really happened. i couldn't bring myself to walk to work today because it was hot hot hot and because the though of losing that half hour made me insane.

ha, an all american rejects song is playing on this movie. ugh, that is torture. AWFUL! at lunch with christi brown and liz, we tried to think of that bands name for a full 5 minutes. wasted time but it was something that we had to do. the other girl in this movie is great, i have no idea who she is...i am going to google her. hold please.

lake bell. her name is lake.........bell. moving on.

ha, jt just let out the most hilarious laugh i have ever heard.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"fingernails? really?"

when i called jt on my break today we made an deal: i would clean the kitchen if he would cook dinner. he remembered his man-date so we couldn't really go through with said plan. he then basically said that he would clean the kitchen tomorrow. i cooked my homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes and the state of the kitchen actually embarrasses me so much that i am cleaning it myself. what? it is the dumbest thing i have done all day. ALL DAY.

at the moment i am watching juno again. i remember a time i watched this movie at least once a day for 2 weeks. while in the store last week i got a wild hair that we should start using bleach in our laundry and while looking for the best option for our specific laundry needs jt uttered the phrase "go carol". oh boys, it was the greatest shopping moment ever.

back to the dishes. looove you.


while getting the mail i saw a great lamp at the "free crap table" in the laundry room. i took it. i brought it in. admired its placement on my crafty table. plugged it in. screamed as it does not work! and it is wrapped in tape! i was tricked and i am mad.

best day ever.

another good day at work friends! not that it didn't go on and on and on forever. my plan was pretty simple, i just went in and said what i wanted and did what i wanted without feeling embarrassed about it. if i wanted to say something stupid, i said it. if i wanted to do a little dance, i did it. it didn't hurt that i had a case of the giggles at different point in the day and i didn't give a crap. i shared a great time with a woman that i thought hated me, or worse, felt indifferent towards me. i think it was because i was in such a great mood because of the awesome day i had yesterday. work wasn't great yesterday if i remember correctly. i left work to go home and change clothes and went right back to work to meet up with CHRISTI BROWN! hey-oh! all the way from the great johnson city. i ordered a drink and was treated like a common customer. it was weird. i just wanted to scream. "I WAS JUST HERE! WORKING...........REMEMBER? after that i actually went back home and waited till just before 2 to go back to starbucks to meet christi brown. aaaaanyway. they finally made it. i say they because it was christi brown and liz. we decided it would be a good idea to walk to downtown. did anyone go outside yesterday? i am guessing not because if you did you would not be able to sit up to read because you are still dehydrated. it was not a fun stroll. i was begging for a saline iv about halfway there.

on a side note, i just found out that jt is using my bath cloth loofah thing. i think that is gross.

anyway, we hit the afternoon highlights of downtown. liz got her asheville cappuccino, christie brown got her purse, and we exited a cupcake store with not a cupcake between the 3 of us. i may have gotten 3 brownies but that is beside the point. we ate at a great cuban place that had cheerwine fountain drinks. i would have to say that i love nothing more, drink wise, than cheerwine from a fountain machine. whilst at malaprops, christi brown bought me a birthday book against my will. i also picked up the new david sedaris (autographed copy but whatever, i am not bragging) and i hate to say it but i am not enjoying it as much as i thought i would. i set myself for the most hilarious book i have read in years. not that i don't love it, i do. don't put words in my mouth.
when i got home i took a nap. i have no idea what the deal is but i nap everyday. i hate it. anyway, i napped for about an hour. thrilling, no? i woke up and saw miss roxanne had both called and messaged me. the message lead me to believe that they were somewhere in the vicinity. i was right. i say they because it was roxanne angie and jessica! huzzah! they saw firsthand the "ignoring of charlie". i am not exaggerating. i didn't even get a drink. anyway, it was the greatest time that i have had in that building. i love when people come here!
the perfect end to this great day was waiting in the oven when i got home: take out from the fiddlin' pig! then i went to sleep. then woke up. then went to work. see the beginning of this entry.

jt is man-dating tonight. i am going to make meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes. i will be watching the twilight zone and maybe some arrested development for a break from the weird. my love for arrested development has been refreshed lately and that makes me happy. i applied for the job at city bakery earlier today. i really hope i get it. i am not getting my hopes up. there was a section at the end that said "is there anything else that we need to know?" and 3 lines giving you the space to say whatever you need to. i would say that most people use it to say they have a criminal record, i have no idea. i used it to bed and grovel. pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase i want to work here! type situation. i feel embarrassed now. it makes me think of all the times that people turned in applications in bristol and we had a little laugh at their expense every now and again. we'll see. i should have put "any" in the position space. ha! goodbye.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


jt is about to do some beard experimenting. it should be entertaining. since his hair is super short now, i love the beard. i think that is a good-lookin' combo. he wanted a chin strap situation but i would honestly move back to bristol if that happened. i would be screaming "have fun listening to korn while i am gone chin strap!". that is an exaggeration i know but not far from. the chin-strap was a jokey joke by the way. whatever emerges from the bathroom is what i have to live with. it will also be weird when there is zero beard at all. he already looks 10 years younger than me so now it will be more like 15.

he just came out looking like an early 90's something or another. holy buh-geez. get back in there!

i am honestly too traumatized to go on.

i am stuck with ol' mutton chops over here. egad. i think he has a quarter life crisis coming on.

a goat just trotted out of the bathroom.

nerd alert

my day started picking up after i watched this GEM for about 30 minutes straight:

am i worried about how lame this makes me look? not in the least. try not to be happy watching the tambourine business going on in this video. sheesh. plus the obvious looks of "hey stevie, this song is about you." i love it. love it. after watching the abomination that was mr. magoriums wonder emporium i needed something that was its awesome opposite.

jt came home with chik-fil-a and i am surprised i didn't faint from being so in love with him. then he promptly went to sleep so i got to keep the computer to myself. swoon! i could not ask for a better guy.

oh man oh man oh man

the best song to get you going is: stuck in the middle with you by steelers wheel. oh man, i am in such a good mood! if you need a visual, i am wearing a green facial mask and running from the kitchen to the chair.

mr magoriums wonder emporium

i wish i could get the hour of my life back that i just wasted on that movie. #1, i cant stand portman even more than i couldnt stand her an hour ago. #2, i love jason bateman and even he could not make me like this movie. #3, i even WANTED to like it. i could go on but it would be taking that many more seconds out of my life. i could be sitting here doing nothing! yeesh.

i am just going to say it-------------

i am not a huge fan of natalie portman. i dont even want to look up her name to see if i spelled it right. i could look at any number of dvd boxed we have and look but i really don't care. i am not sure when this happened. i used to really like her. i think it was when she officially became an adult and the "cuteness" was replaced with something else that i cant really name, i dont know what it is. not that i have any business talking about an actual human being that i dont know personally and making a judgment, whether or not i like this person....but there it is. every guy i knew at one point in my life noted her as their celebrity dreeeeaaaam girl and i accepted it because she was adorable and i like every movie she was in at the time. now i just think "what am i not seeing here?".

what was i about to do?

i was lurking around this blog that i read everyday and it makes me sick that i do and about halfway through i thought of something i wanted to do so i just skimmed the rest of the entry and stood up. i physically stood up and thought to myself "what am i doing?" i walked to different areas of the apartment to try to get some information but i still have no idea. maybe i was going to have something to eat or make some coffee or something. i am supposed to be finishing the book i had been reading so we can lend it out friday but i haven't. i say we just lend it out and i finish reading it in august. i am not in the mood to read lately. which is sad. i have 4 other books to read besides the one we are letting her read so i am fine with those odds. what in the heck was i going to do?!?!?! it is making me hulky mad! i just started the hot chocolate making process, i hope that is what i wanted 10 minutes ago. i doubt it.

uhg, i just deleted this huge paragraph about my blog reading issues and it made me feel strange and exposed. delete delete delete. the same way it makes me feel when i break my neck to look into peoples houses to see what color their walls are. if i could look into their refrigerators that would be even better! i think this just makes me nosy rosy and i can live with that. as long as i am not hiding out in someones bedroom closet i am okay. i just want to know what ya had for dinner, is that so wrong? if anyone wants to know what we had for dinner i wont tell you because it was not good for anyone. we eat like people that don't know how to cook. i really want to start making actual food. that will be my some point. right now i am going to make some chicken nuggets and instant hot chocolate while i watch "mr. magoriums wonder emporium".

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HEY CHELS AND DEE (does dee read this?)

remember when penny, reba, uncle charlie, and betty came in rv style? we were at the picnic and i was freaking out trying to get you guys to remember the song that i loved so much? uhg, it frustrated me to no end that i could not remember it save the "bum bum bum bum" drum part. and that it was a duet.

well here it is suckas! George Jones & Tammy Wynette' "We're Gonna Hold On"

WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make a plan to love me some time soon

work didn't suck all the way last night. i am still not out of my figurative shell (ha, not a literal shell you crazy poop!), but it is not a terrible experience to be there the way that it was. it was busy as all hell when i got there and i had to jump in and start going crazy right away. i felt like an idiot because 2 of the drinks were marked wrong, people were picking up the wrong drink even though someone else's name was written on the cup, and just general chaos was going on. point is, i was remaking things left and right and it was making me mad. i was handing something out and it was like this:

me: tall non-fat mocha for mitch!
guy: (taking the drink) thanks
me: mitch?
guy: no, harvey
me: oh, this drink is for mitch, what did you have?
guy: iced chai, large.
me: ?????????????????????????????

people................COME ON! and i am not making this stuff up. people will take stuff that is not even close to what they got, with someone else's name on it! they will look me right in the eye and take what is not theirs and it baffles me. now i just call the name out first...."bob? where's bob? hey buddy, you are up next, stay right there!" then i hand the drink over with my right hand while swinging a big stick with my left, fending of the people that are saying "mine? mine? mine?". no crackhead, this is not yours. i am bringing back crackhead, it has been a couple of years since its hayday.

i made a great little playlist last night after work. it really hit the spot. now, listening to it in the morning makes me want to hurt something. mopey to say the least. speaking of mopey, i had these arm band things made so i can wear short sleeved shirts at work. they cover all of the laser taser phaser lady completely. it started to get on my nerves around halfway through the shift so i called jt to bring me a long sleeved shirt. after work i looked everywhere in the store, in the parking lot, in my car, purse, everywhere and i lost one. the one that actually worked more than not. sucks, no? i cant wait to walk to work in my turtlenecks! huzzah! actually i will just wear a blah blah and change when i get there.

i wanted to go get some pinking shears today but i didnt get tips yesterday! i wasnt on the sheet thing so no tips for me. i get double next week so suck on that. i still want to get the scissors (geez, it took me forever to spell that beast of a word) so i can start on this blanket. i may get 2 out of the fabric i got.

okay bye.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

this song, the whole cd actually, reminds me of living in florida. i listened to this cd all day everyday for about 3 months and it would get me into the best mood eeeeever. it was when the cd player in my car actually worked.


i may or may not be listening to "i remember you" by skid row. what is wrong with me? i guess i get how people can stay on youtube for days now. it is like guilty pleasure central here today. i am even using the headphones, fear be damned. if someone sneaks up behind me while wearing them i will die of embarrassment before they have a chance to kill me.

Monday, June 2, 2008


i am going to tell you guys what i am doing. chels and dee will appreciate this. i am youtubing country videos from the late 80's early 90's. oh man, it is satisfying. it is like having a cold mr pibb on a hot day. nothing better. right now i am hearing "too cold at home". my favorite part is "i only planed on one or two, i may stay for three if that good looking thaaang in corner keeps smilin' back at me". love it love it. jt is in the living room watching a movie. if he knew what i was indulging i would be made fun of to no end. he will know in a little while when he reads this but it will be long since over and not as bad. next on my list is "your love is a miracle". i used to kill this song when i was little. i like to think that i had some pretty good taste in music as a kid 84% of the time(in my opinion) but listening to this stuff really reminds me of the good times of childhood. a low point in my music past would have to be my nelson obsession. jeremy jordan holds second place there. google it. GOOD TIMES!


me: are you eating in the kitchen?
jt: yes
me: why?
jt: because its where the extra barbecue sauce is.


all things that are good

i can eyeball an ounce from outerspace with my glasses cracked

i dont know how to reply to individual comments!?! is that possible on this thing? i don't geeeeeet it!

i just took a nap. it was great great great. another great thing: wheatables! wheat thins are dumb.

to you from me.

ALSO----i love the comments people, you know who you are, you bunch of sweet treats! i just want to scoop you up and smack you on the mouth!

chels------it is not a potholder you poop scoop, its a dish cloth or bathy type cloth. i like to wrap it around a fancy bar of soap in the shower. TO MUCH INFORMATION! bar soaps are coming back man, mark my words. the rein of the body wash is coming to a close.

robin----i mailed you a treat todaaaaaaaaaaaaay......dont get too excited because i think i told you about it before. i will just say this: its intended purpose is ornamental and holiday-ish but i was thinking more along the lines of knickknack/whatnot conversation type thing.

tiiiiired. so tired.

i actually had a good time at work today. i cant believe it. did it suck to wake up at 4:15am? yes. did it suck to look for my stupid hat for what seemed like forever, cursing to even have to wear it? yes. i opened with a girl that is interesting to say the least. i didn't feel like an annoyance at any point. another person came in and i found out pretty much everyone is reading the same book and somehow i am reading it as well. i am not sure what that is about. maybe because it is a popular book and a popular series. YET ANOTHER young lady came in and i honesty started having a great time and being myself. it was great great great. i like that everyone is around the same age and i don't feel like i am out of the loop. i like making references that people get, ya know?

i am trying not to take a nap but i know it is going to happen at some point in the day so i might as well give in right? the last time i woke up this earlier i fell asleep mid sentence in a relatively exciting book. i even drank a fatty fat kid drink today with 3 shots. i haven't had a drink in a long time so i thought it would have some effect. made my stomach hurt, i will tell you that right now.

i just got my fabric in the mail! just now! it was prettier on the computer. does anyone want a weird piece of "jade" colored fabric? i don't think i can make it work. we'll see.

ROBIN------send me your old camera to use! it will enhance the blogging experience for one and all!

nap time.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

somebody's lying to you my girl

i have a new favorite thing. jt has these crazy headphones that cancel outside noise and no one knows how loud i am listening to music. i love it love it love it. plus i love harmonies like no ones business and you can really hear every single tiny sound....i just love it. the only thing i dont like is i cant run to the kitchen and back because i am connected to the thing. maybe we should get wireless ones! i just got confirmation that they exist. the only thing is, i cant listen to music this way alone. i am afraid that someone is going to sneak up behind me. scary.

we went to the cracker barrel again yesterday. i am kind of tired of going there but i could not think of anything better that would not be crowded as a mother. again, i cant believe we go to cracker barrel in this town. sheesh. anyway, i got a valo-milk and a mallo-cup in an effort to decide which i liked better. i honestly love them both so much, it would be like decided which child you love more, which i have heard is hard to do. possible though! the valomilk is almost too sweet (ha, not for me but in general), and is really messy. so messy in fact, i had it all over my face and when jt saw it he screamed and tried to turn away from me and slammed his head on the side of the dresser. it was hilarious! he hit his head earlier whilst pumping gas. the fuel door release thing is on the floor of the drivers side and on the way down to press it he banged his head on the steering wheel. hilarious as well. back to the valo-milk. it is great, what can i say? the mallo-cup has that great crunchy feel that you know is unnatural. i love that about it. this one was not as messy but as i was eating in bed, i got chocolate all over my neck somehow and jt looked at me as if i has pooped all over the place. he was grossed out and it was funny.
i read the diablo cody memoir in all of 3 hours yesterday and it was pretty great.
i think those were the highlights of yesterday. today is grocery store day! i am not looking forward to it. i used to love to grocery shop. not so much anymore. i think it was because i used to shop for just me and it was cheaper and i ate weird things at weird hours and i didnt cook meals that often. jt would make a one pot something or another and eat it for days. now we eat like regular people and it is expensive. i have never bought milk so regularly in my life.

i am listening to chris thiles new group, the punch brothers in these headphones and it is amazing. the song "it'll happen" is making me want to cry and laugh at the same time. i recommend it. sheeeeeeeesh.

goodbye now.

ps----another song that sounds great with these headphones---"challengers" by the new pornographers. sheeesh.