Monday, June 2, 2008

to you from me.

ALSO----i love the comments people, you know who you are, you bunch of sweet treats! i just want to scoop you up and smack you on the mouth!

chels------it is not a potholder you poop scoop, its a dish cloth or bathy type cloth. i like to wrap it around a fancy bar of soap in the shower. TO MUCH INFORMATION! bar soaps are coming back man, mark my words. the rein of the body wash is coming to a close.

robin----i mailed you a treat todaaaaaaaaaaaaay......dont get too excited because i think i told you about it before. i will just say this: its intended purpose is ornamental and holiday-ish but i was thinking more along the lines of knickknack/whatnot conversation type thing.


robin said...

rock em sock em robots ornament?

Anonymous said...

I still love it!
and I'm glad work was/is getting better :)


I have a free weekend this weekend!!!

chelsie said...

and i hate bar soap!
but my roommate my freshman year used bar soap and she always smelled so much better than me....then again, I'm pretty skanky haha.

Kalista said...

So, I am packing to go camping. Can I take my knitty thingy and use it for packing my soap?