Friday, June 27, 2008


i am a walking bad mood. jt did 3/4ths of the dishes so that made the bad mood a tiny bit less. 1/4th of those dishes that were clean ended up in a drying rack on the floor. he put the drying rack on the floor people. it will be hilarious in a few days, when i first saw it it was the least funny thing i had ever seen. it topped the time i saw a guy get trampled by a bus. he also cleaned off the top of the bookshelf so i can make it look like an actual bookshelf. it just looks like a pile of paper vomit. i am listening to otis reddings "love man" and it is doing wonders for my mood. i feel a little better. i think my mood is 99% hormonal right now. plus work was not all that great. i don't want to talk about work that much because i am super paranoid about being "dooced" (see right) and someone will find this thing and get their feelings hurt or get my hind end fired. i don't want to get fired. i like everyone i work with, i really do but sometimes i wish i knew them a little more so i could say what i want to say and know how to say it to them. that is all i have to say about that. trust me, if at some point we talk in the near future, i will tell you all about it. long story short, i feel like a certain person really is out to get me in the mildest sense of the word. MILDEST, honestly. maybe its just their personality but i have not an ounce of tolerance for someone that is waiting for the other person to screw up so they can be the "better" person. it just kills me when people are extra full of themselves. be a little humble, jeeeeeeeez. its laughable, really. i should not let people get to me, i don't have to go home with them. thats really all i should say. i feel guilty already. ugh.
i havnt had a soda in a couple of days! i think the last one was at the cornerstone. i wanted cherry coke but when we got it, it just tasted like regular coke and regular coke makes me want to rip my own tongue out. now that i am talking about it, i would love to have a sonic dr. pepper. i remember when morgan parker would buy a whole bag of sonic ice for me and every drink i got for days would be sonic-a-licious. ugh, i am super emotional today.
jt is going to south carolina tomorrow. it will also be the first day of my last 3 day weekend for who knows how long. i am not sure when i will have a whole day off again. joyful. i will most likely be spending it cleaning and organizing so i dont feel completely out of it.

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