Thursday, June 5, 2008

i am just going to say it-------------

i am not a huge fan of natalie portman. i dont even want to look up her name to see if i spelled it right. i could look at any number of dvd boxed we have and look but i really don't care. i am not sure when this happened. i used to really like her. i think it was when she officially became an adult and the "cuteness" was replaced with something else that i cant really name, i dont know what it is. not that i have any business talking about an actual human being that i dont know personally and making a judgment, whether or not i like this person....but there it is. every guy i knew at one point in my life noted her as their celebrity dreeeeaaaam girl and i accepted it because she was adorable and i like every movie she was in at the time. now i just think "what am i not seeing here?".

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