Monday, June 2, 2008


i am going to tell you guys what i am doing. chels and dee will appreciate this. i am youtubing country videos from the late 80's early 90's. oh man, it is satisfying. it is like having a cold mr pibb on a hot day. nothing better. right now i am hearing "too cold at home". my favorite part is "i only planed on one or two, i may stay for three if that good looking thaaang in corner keeps smilin' back at me". love it love it. jt is in the living room watching a movie. if he knew what i was indulging i would be made fun of to no end. he will know in a little while when he reads this but it will be long since over and not as bad. next on my list is "your love is a miracle". i used to kill this song when i was little. i like to think that i had some pretty good taste in music as a kid 84% of the time(in my opinion) but listening to this stuff really reminds me of the good times of childhood. a low point in my music past would have to be my nelson obsession. jeremy jordan holds second place there. google it. GOOD TIMES!


krunkkinoko said...


krunkkinoko said...

I got your occupation reference! You know why? cause I've spent my day off watching episodes of arrested development on hulu. Yes. You won the gold medal in the sexual special olympics