Thursday, June 5, 2008


jt is about to do some beard experimenting. it should be entertaining. since his hair is super short now, i love the beard. i think that is a good-lookin' combo. he wanted a chin strap situation but i would honestly move back to bristol if that happened. i would be screaming "have fun listening to korn while i am gone chin strap!". that is an exaggeration i know but not far from. the chin-strap was a jokey joke by the way. whatever emerges from the bathroom is what i have to live with. it will also be weird when there is zero beard at all. he already looks 10 years younger than me so now it will be more like 15.

he just came out looking like an early 90's something or another. holy buh-geez. get back in there!

i am honestly too traumatized to go on.

i am stuck with ol' mutton chops over here. egad. i think he has a quarter life crisis coming on.

a goat just trotted out of the bathroom.


Robin said...

Once again, I'm gonna need a photo for this!!!

PS I am working on a package for you that is UNREAL it is so awesome. Right now, I'm working on getting something from a company in SC that my boss saw while she was at the beach...they are not even online!!!

adxupsilon2002 said...

hahahah i want to see a picture too.
do you have a digital camera?