Wednesday, June 25, 2008

target time

well. today was my first day at target. i am pretty sure i will like it there. i may even love it. i dont have to cover the ol' space lady. i can even get more tattoos and not have to cover them either. the only exception is facial tattoos. nice to know. as far as i can tell, i mean, team members are treated really well and the management team there is great. i am not working more than a regular full time job so that is kind of nice. i am kind of blank in the mind right now, sorry. it was a good day and i am looking forward to my being employed there. i am honestly feeling brain dead. i think it is because we walked through the earth fare and greenlife market. 2 organic, peace loving grocery stores in one day is enough to sap even the most hardened capitalist pig. we went to earth fare to get the greatest bottled water on the earth, blue moon. i cant describe the greatness of this water. ask jt. we also bought milk there so we would not have to go to another store. organic milk with a lion on the jug. i feel like i am helping the earth as we speak. i will have some cereal and global warming will just end. i feel it. in my heart. target milk is the best and that is no lie. go to target, get any type of milk---nonfat included---and taste the difference. ask jt. i hadn't actually tasted milk that tasted like milk for yeeeeeeeeeears....then target milk filled that hole in my life. honestly. this coming from someone that didn't drink milk till i was well into my teens. is this enough about milk? yes, i thought so. anyway. at some point in the day we went to the stupidly located staples so i could get a planner to keep up with my wacky schedule and we saw what we thought was a shopping center across the street. we vowed to see what it was but not at that moment. we took a trip to world market because i didn't want to be in the apartment. we looked around for what seemed like forever and left almost empty handed. it could be considered a bust, for the time it takes to get there. THEN we went to the mystery shopping center and it ended up being the greenlife market, see above. same stuff as earth fare, just smaller and the organic people are closer to you. the organic workers are also smilier. that is, they smile more...that was not a spelling error that was supposed to be smellier. or slimier.
we saw a couple versions of the baby sling today and the one that i think is adorable looked as if the baby was free falling off of the dad. arms, legs, and head all in the wrong place. it looked like an upside down spider. a pink, adorable, baby spider! plus the dad was like "baby? what baby? i am cool with my sunglasses, pleated pants, and my bluetooth thingie. and i dont wear socks with my loafers!"
what else.....i think that is it. jt is watching a show that just sounds terrible. i mean, terrible. i am trying to keep writing so i dont have to find anything else to do. jt has until bedtime to clean the kitchen. this is a written warning. the verbal/handshake was earlier. if he does not do them, a final warning will be issued in the form of mean looks and a loud verbal assault. something like that.

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i love reading your crazy ass blog.