Saturday, June 28, 2008

i know yesterday was kind of a boo hoo post for me and i cant stress enough that it is my lady parts that are making me act this way but i am going to talk about something that sticks in my craw. well, number one, i hate when people say "...sticks in my craw". that is not was i was going to say though. i hate it when people show out on their own home videos. i was just watching this youtube video of a girl and her refrigerator issues and i honestly wanted to fall out of my chair in annoyance. of course you say to yourself "well you don't have to watch it!" and to you i say "shut up". i stopped in halfway through because even my weird need to see other peoples fridges could not overpower the over acting. not even acting, it was supposed to be a documentation of appliance problems and it felt like an 8th grade drama class from hell. i felt like the point they were trying to make was "look at me and my life, i am great and people will want to be me or be around me after they see this great video". i know i am getting all riled up about something that is pretty stupid but it just gets on my nerves. something that does not get on my nerves is this::

oh boy, that is good stuff.

i promise i will be in a better mood later on. maybe tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...


I Love you but take it from a bird mommy "Things do get stuck in their craws" hahahahahahahahahah

I think JT is your perfect mate and I just can't wait till he gets to meet me.....
Now laugh and run from the kitchen to the chair...LOL

Love you, MISS you!!!