Wednesday, June 4, 2008

make a plan to love me some time soon

work didn't suck all the way last night. i am still not out of my figurative shell (ha, not a literal shell you crazy poop!), but it is not a terrible experience to be there the way that it was. it was busy as all hell when i got there and i had to jump in and start going crazy right away. i felt like an idiot because 2 of the drinks were marked wrong, people were picking up the wrong drink even though someone else's name was written on the cup, and just general chaos was going on. point is, i was remaking things left and right and it was making me mad. i was handing something out and it was like this:

me: tall non-fat mocha for mitch!
guy: (taking the drink) thanks
me: mitch?
guy: no, harvey
me: oh, this drink is for mitch, what did you have?
guy: iced chai, large.
me: ?????????????????????????????

people................COME ON! and i am not making this stuff up. people will take stuff that is not even close to what they got, with someone else's name on it! they will look me right in the eye and take what is not theirs and it baffles me. now i just call the name out first...."bob? where's bob? hey buddy, you are up next, stay right there!" then i hand the drink over with my right hand while swinging a big stick with my left, fending of the people that are saying "mine? mine? mine?". no crackhead, this is not yours. i am bringing back crackhead, it has been a couple of years since its hayday.

i made a great little playlist last night after work. it really hit the spot. now, listening to it in the morning makes me want to hurt something. mopey to say the least. speaking of mopey, i had these arm band things made so i can wear short sleeved shirts at work. they cover all of the laser taser phaser lady completely. it started to get on my nerves around halfway through the shift so i called jt to bring me a long sleeved shirt. after work i looked everywhere in the store, in the parking lot, in my car, purse, everywhere and i lost one. the one that actually worked more than not. sucks, no? i cant wait to walk to work in my turtlenecks! huzzah! actually i will just wear a blah blah and change when i get there.

i wanted to go get some pinking shears today but i didnt get tips yesterday! i wasnt on the sheet thing so no tips for me. i get double next week so suck on that. i still want to get the scissors (geez, it took me forever to spell that beast of a word) so i can start on this blanket. i may get 2 out of the fabric i got.

okay bye.

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