Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"beneath my goody 2 shoes, lie some very dark socks"

sooooo....i was just watching the simpsons and lisa, bart, and martin were doing some sort of dinosaur bone digging type of thing. anyway, martin fell over a cliff and lisa accidentally prodded him and made him fall a long way down....bouncing off of the cliff the whole way down and whatnot. the point of my telling you this is that i actually covered my mouth and gasped. i also said "ohhhh myyyy goodness!!!!!". i am still watching the episode and i am a little shaken by it. is that weird? i feel like it is a little weird. i hope is this a joke episode. sheesh.

want to know what had for dinner? pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, with broccoli. i drank a great tea i got on the way out of work. all in all a good dinner. jt is on a man-date so it was all me. i make is sound like jt is always on a man-date it is actually only every tuesday and the occasional saturday.

this episode is still going on and i am wondering what they are going to do about the whole martin dying situation. watch it on hulu. it is called "n is for nerder". i am nervous about it. you will be too.

work was uneventful. being planted in the same place is the worst fate. for the past few years i have been free to roam from place to place and there was always something i had to do...close tills, get change, deposits, asking people to do things, organizing things...now i just stand on one of 2 places 90% of the time i am at work. either bar or register. all day. no variation. i barely even have to get things for myself. i just say "can you get me this/that/the other" and the shift supervisor will go get it for me. uhg. it is hard to be the happiest person on the earth for 4-8 hours a day. actually, now that i don't feel as hated at work its okay but you know what i mean.

martin is still dead in this episode? what the heck man?

moving on. i am now watching an episode of "the daily show" with guest david sedaris. on that note i am going to go ahead and stop with the "blogging". i have "blogged" enough. enjoy the "blogginess" of this particular "blog" entry. "blog". it just sounds like someone is throwing up in a humid swamp......BLOOOOOOG. i honestly almost threw up right then. seriously. i cant stress enough that i am not lying there.

martin=alive. shew, don't worry....i like that when you misspell "don't" by just leaving out the apostrophe, the first option they give you to replace it is "donut". hilarious.

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