Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one more thing

i love the twilight series and i no longer care who knows it. i have made up excuses in the past, why i was reading them but now i am just going to say it: they are pretty damn good. i look forward to the 4th book in the series and we will most likely buy it, if not on the first day, soon soon soon after it is released. plus jt and i have both read it so we can talk about it and that is always nice. if i had these books in middle school or even high school, it would have ruled my life! i would have written "i love edward cullen" all over everything that i own. since i am an adult i don't do that....maybe just once or twice....but no more than three times.

phew. honestly i could go on but thats all for now. i have the last half of the 3rd to read. i am trying to savor it because i read the first 2 in just a few days.

i am really opening myself up here, admitting that i like books that are geared towards 12-15 year old girls. i used to get really annoyed with adults that read harry potter and now i can be lumped into that category. i really don't care. a book is a book is a book. a good story is just that. at least they don't have pictures.

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chels said...

ohhhh so this is where this edward cullen comes from. I've always wondered.

just so you know, i laugh out loud when i read your blog. seriously.

what secret workout video???