Sunday, November 23, 2008

Find the nearest five things next to you and...

1. Book: turn to page 56. Find fifth sentence in first paragraph, post below with title. "vroom, baby" from candy girl...

2. Magazine: turn to page 32, and choose the third line in the second paragraph, post below (if advertisement, next editorial page after). "it got to the point where if i heard another four-on-the-floor type of song i was gonna slit my wrists"

3. DVD/VHS/VCD/Laserdisc package next to you. Fourth name in the credits on the front or back cover. jason dohring

4. Mail in an envelope: Who is it from? the cable company

5. Packaging (new or used): What is it for? water

man-o-man, that was not as awesome as i wanted it to be. of course, not much is. hey! i am leaving town on tuesday! i have my family route planned out pretty neatly in my head but i know it is not going to be as smooth as i am thinking. we shall see!

i really have nothing to post about, i am just bored bored bored.

Friday, November 21, 2008

midnight showing of twilight. i have a few things to say about it.

--i am not going to a movie ever again that i can't eat real food and have a real beer...or donnie daquiri (HA! get it?). i love asheville and thier good time eateries.

--i went with one hardcore fan of the series, a person that has never read a line in any of the books, and 2 people that, like myself, have read the series once.

--the wait was not what i expected. i thought that people would be camping out and such. star wars this was not. we got there and there were a few tables in the bar area filled with high school girls pouring over the book and one teen-something boy that looked like he was trying to look like a lost cullen. edward he was not but girls were swooning none the less. we got some drinks and prepared to wait the hour before seating started. did i mention half of us just got off of work? anyway. this place seems pretty pretentious....german silent film on the tvs around the room, hoity toity beer selection, 2 stereotypically "indie" guys working the bar.....does anyone say "indie" anymore? i am old, i am not sure if that is still the word to describe. moving on. we got seated, ordered food, watched some stupid movie from the 70's that was set in a hospital and valerie still said "is this "the 10 commandments"? blah blah blah blah, some previews happened, then the movie started.

let me just say that i went in thinking that i was going to be let down. this is a book for tweens, i know, but i really liked it and i really got into the thinking that it was going to be butchered for the hannah montana crowd made me want to rethink watching it at all. aaaaanyway. it was hilarious to hear everyones reaction when each character was introduced. you either heard "that is totally not what he/she is supposed to look like!" or "yeah, yeah, that is totally ________" and oh my goodness when the first shot of edward came up you would think that it was the return of jesus. a collective sigh and many a giggle waved across the theatre. it myself swooned and maybe smiled bigger than i should have. let me just say that when i saw the first pictures and previews of this guy i was thinking "geez, this guy is NOT my edward!" but i have been changed. i cannot get enough of this guy. moving on again. here are a few more bullet points that i can't make interresting enough for an actual paragraph:

--charlie, the dad, is hilarious and when he gets his gun ready to meet edward i laughed more than it actually warranted.

--bella needs a fast acting inhaler. her breathing freaks me out. in every movie she is in she is gasping for air. not that i would not be breathing weird in this case.

--teen cleavage in movies and tv shows is starting to scare me. i have to deal with it on veronica mars and now twilight? come on people, they are supposed to be 16! that is weird as hell!

--stephanie meyers made a lil cameo as a diner patron and all i could think was "laaaame, and please don't let her have any speaking parts because i will walk out! i swear!"

--every couple of scenes valerie to my left would say "that is NOT how this is supposed to happen!" and margaret to my right would say "isn't she supposed to be wearing jogging pants?" so i am glad that i havnt read the book in months.

little things i am going to call "book jokes" popped up and everyone shared a laugh that someone that has not read the book would not really get as much. but why would those people even be there? stay home posers!

all in all i feel like it was not bad at all. the party i was with haaaaaated it and could not have been more unhappy. details were not perfect but it fit for the movie. things have to be shortened and it did go a lot quicker than the book but we don't have all day. not that i would have minded sitting through it. there were also some corny parts that may have cheapened the experience but i went in knowing it. victoria needs to head back to drama school...she was laying it on thick and it was making me angry. rosalie is supposed to be the most beautiful thing on earth but she looked like a girls gone wild reunion tour rep. she did have a thick behind if you know what i mean, which i respect. another part that killed me was when edward went into the sun to show bella what know, he gets all shiny and whatnot. he was glittery....not diamond covered and beautiful the way i imagined. more.....glittery. while glitter covered he said something to the effect of being the most dangerous killer ever or something like that....guy, you are covered in glitter, ie: not scary.

all in all i will see it again. and buy it when it comes out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

midnight 'twilight' premiere tomorrow! i am pretty excited, even though the movie is not going to compare to what i imagined when i read it. straight after work we are heading to the theatre/bar and hopefully they will still have some room. i have my ticket already but does that really mean anything? plus i am going with one of the most hardcore twilight fans on the earth so i have no choice but to enjoy it. jt doesn't seem to want to see it. when i go to bsg next week i want to take julie to see it as well. speaking of, i am looking forward to going home for a bit. since i am going up tuesday and not sunday i am worried about getting from house to house and not getting to spend as much time as i would like with people but i can get over it. the thought of my family being as separate as they are is making me a little frustrated, sad, angry, etc. no one talks to anyone. AT ALL. uhg. the good news is that i am getting 3 thanksgiving dinners. that is a plus, right? i am actually going to keep watching the food intake during the holidays. i have been slipping lately, having a cheerwine today, pizza yesterday....but i am not beating myself up over it.

anyway. operation "malibeast" is going to start when i get back from thanksgiving. taking it to get a tune up and run a diagnostic, fixing the window, new tires. it will get me around town and to and from work in the winter and maybe it will last long enough to see me through another year. maybe, maybe not. i have seen far worse cars on the road....

uhg, i am going to watch some veronica mars and knit for a while. i am trying to see the show through the first season so i can give a more accurate opinion. plus i can's watch 'millennium' alone. i get all freaked out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so. i started watching veronica mars. i hate to say it but the show is not the worst i have ever seen. there are a lot of things i could live without but it satisfies the part of me that loves seeing people get what is coming to them. early in the episode, someone is being an ass and they need to be put in their place and by the end of the show, veronica mars gives them the business and it is very very satisfying every time. there are a few things i hate about the show....her flashbacks being one. everything i hate about youth culture all balled into a 3 minute scene. ugh. another thing i hate is he "funny" one liners. i also hate that there are scenes here and there that are giving the thumbs up to pedophilia.....HEY! here's a 16 year olds side boob! its just weird and i could live without it. that is my opinion though. anyway. i can see why people that it is geared toward like it and i am not giving up on it but i am not head over heels for it.

moving on. i would like to share a couple of funny moments from my life. i was counting tips with peter yesterday and before we started i warned him that i have not manually done tips in a while. it is just hours of counting change and figuring up how much everyone gets.....really awful stuff. aaaaaaaanyway. the following exchange happened:

me: hey, this is like riding a bike!

peter: yeah, once you get back into it, it goes pretty quickly

me: no, i meant it was like riding a bike----it sucks and i hate it.

i laughed like there was no tomorrow. i got a courtesy chuckle from the room. thats enought for me these days.

another knitting session yesterday. i really enjoy knitting and hanging out with people but yesterday was a bust. i couldn't get my pattern to work out for me, everything was frustrating me, it was not a great knitting day. plus i hate that we meet at starbucks. i feel like i am at work and too many random customers come by and say the same things, "oh you guys can't get enough of this place!" and "oh i tried to knit once and i just dont have the patience for it!".

hopefully the malibeast will be up and running soon and i can drive. as long as nothing major is wrong, everything will work out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i want to listen to this all day......oh wait, i DID!

sheesh. when i first started watching hulu all the live long day, i wished a great wish that "reba" would be on there. i pulled it up today and what did i see? yep. thats right, REBA! hurraah!!!!

work was really......time consuming today.

i just wrote a bunch about stuff that happens at work that i think is funny and craaaazy but it was kind of stupid and makes a better "out loud" story and demonstration.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

let me tell you. i have been in a crappy mood all day. it all turned around when i tuned the ol' pandora to an adult contemporary station and the smooth sounds of phil collins, billy joel and the best hall and oats song "i can't go for that" turned my frown upside down. not literally, i am pretty blanked faced but i am in a better mood. thank you awful/awesome music! plus i am finally doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen.
so. as far as my "reduced calorie, no soda, little to no crap food, slightly more than the zero exersize i am used to" diet was going fairly well until a certain guy i live with weighed himself and announced that while i have changed quite a bit of my eating habits and am struggling to adjust, he has lost well over 10 pounds by doing NOTHING. plus he has cheated and gets to eat 5 guys burgers and fries every week. i know i am being a baby about it. then i found out that i am burning the same calories knitting as i am doing my old lady "workouts". ACK! i am really happy for jt and i wish i wasnt being such a lunatic about it but i just dont get it!

ANYWAY. i am off to eat a piece of cheese. delightful.

Friday, November 7, 2008

i feel like i am waking up too late for an adult. i wake up at around 10. i am practically in my late 20's, this should not be! starting sometime in the near future i am going to wake up earlier than a consistant manner. it's only right. i am also slacking in the apartment upkeep area. basically i watch hulu all day till it is time to go to work. knit club is getting me out a little more and is making me feel more human but i am looking forward to getting back to school and feeling even more productive. the wheels are a-turnin to get the ol malibeast back on the road. i am hoping that i still walk to work even after it is fixed. even though i am in the process of changing my eating habits, if i don't walk or do my old lady workout, it was all for nothing. i am splurgning today and we are having some asian take-out of some kind. it is going to be grreeeaaat, i just know it!

knit club was exciting today because it involved a car on car collision! as soon as i got into denise's car, a woman smashed into the side. the side got scratched up and there is a fist sized dent as well. denise's feelings were pretty oh well about it and we just kept on to the yarn getting store. i got some gray and yellow. i am making the best scarf that has ever existed.

jt just came home with food so i am going to focus on that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

there's a limit to your love.

nothing better than waking up and watching a new episode of 'bones'. you would think that show is on the way down but it is as great as it ever was if not better. now i am updating this thing, listening to the most soothing music i could assemble.


ugh, i just deleted a huge entry. it was really comforting to type it out but i don't want to use this blog as a soapbox. after my myspace rage, i felt sad that i offended someone, even if i felt offended by their words. i don't want to feel either and i want to work on it. being more honest about how i feel and being accepting of how others believe is not as easy as i want it to be.

on a lighter note, a mini knit club going down today at 3 with the addition of 2 more people. i am pretty excited about it. i am still working on my blanket and i am thinking of making a simple hat. i hate the style of this particular hat but it is easy and fast. maybe i will call it "hooker hat". get it? ha. aaaaaanyway. the internet is sucking the life out of me lately. i am going to cut my internet time down.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i forgot to mention when i was talking about my day in the last post, holly brought her pet rats by as we were knitting and i let both of them crawl on my shoulders. it was cuter than you are imagining. not that i am running out to get a rat to name and hang out with, it was just something that happened and it was not terrible.

'leatherheads' is not as enjoyable as i thought it would be. maybe because i didnt so much as watch it as i just turned it on and walked away (psh, HEY-OH!).

also, i didnt knit like i said i would. i am a lying son of a gun, sorry about that. i really just sat here and watched the ol cnn ticker thing. and i drank some juice. i havent eaten anything good for me today. i even got a meat and 2 veg dinner from the hippie deli and it was not good for me. they make some great mac and cheese. lets never say "mac" again. sorry. i am still within my calorie intake for the day according to the 'daily plate' tracker so i am not going to be sad about it. i did a super short old lady workout and walked to the starbucks so i dont feel toooo lazy but seeing as how i have been staring at the same screen for 3 hours, it can make me feel that way.

WOOP! THIS JUST IN: PRESIDENT OBAMA! this is better than new years!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is times like these i wish we had cable. i just want to do some jumping jacks and maybe some mountain climbers! i can hear all of the liberal babies being conceived all across america as we speak. good times!

man, i have a really funny thing to say but it is offensive so i will not say it. oh man, its funny. i just texted a version to jt. i'll bet he thinks its funny.

here come your baby mama, driving a suzuki

if there were a contest, "who can watch 'baby mama' the most in one week", i would win. maybe.

public service announcements about smoking make me sad.

public service announcements generally make me feel sad.

knit club is going well and we talked about various people and things and fun was had. good knitting session. i haven't talked about knit club a lot because the first rule of knit club is don't talk about knit.......actually the first rule is "try not to be mean" but whatever.

i am getting ready to watch 'leatherheads' for some reason and continue knitting. why do i want to watch this movie? i can't remember!

trying not to look at cnn is difficult. i talked a bit about how i feel on my myspace blog, concerning the elections. its not about the elections at all, its about how people spewing their opinions makes me feel. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! i feel a lot stronger than what i posted but i cant just line people who thing differently than myself up and beat my opinions into them. not that they didn't clutter up my screen with their lovely thoughts. but, you know what? i don't have to look at it. goodbye myspace, you were always a piece of crap. it had it's moments but all in all it is not for me.

thank you and goodnight.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

our super party friday night ended with us going to bed at 10:30 after 1.5 drinks each. we were pretty much just stumbling drunk off of my one gin and tonic and jt off of his old man campari and juice which has so little alcohol a 2nd grader could drink it and not get as wasted as he did(JT edit: I also had half an overly strong gin and tonic as well). we are laaaaame. i watched tim and eric's awesome show great job (jt says awful show is more like it) and it is pretty much the funniest thing ever. not really but it is funny.

now we are off to the grocery store and hopefully to get me a bra. i am not getting it at the grocery store. just so we are clear on that.