Sunday, August 31, 2008

well hello there. i havn't updated this bad boy in a while. i had a really great week. i am lying. everything after friday was pretty great. friday was payday for both jt and i and it could not have happened at a better time. the summer of finacial crappiness is over and i could not have been happier. to say more would be rude but suffice to say that we are less stressed and all is well. not to say that money solves everything but it certainly solved any issues i have had the past month or so.

jt is out tonight and i am using my alone time to do lots of laundry and do some secret workouts on my new balance ball. chelsie suggested i get one that relates to my height and i took that advice. it seems small in comparison to the mammoth i had before.

i really dont have much to talk about.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i should have updated about the gatlinburg trip as soon as i got back! i will just say that it is just what i needed, minus the group dressing room. and minus annoying girls with whistles. more later, we have to get dinner!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


oooooo i hate you internet! you know what you did! why the hell did you let me do that?!

i am over it. really i am.

anyway. i have had the whole morning and early afternoon off and i could not be happier about it. i really needed a sleep that was longer than 6 hours. hey, some people can go on that. i can't. i am unhealthy to the point that i need 10 to function properly. if case you havnt figured it out, our operation eatin' good has stopped for a while. mostly because i cant put that much thought into it. why cook something tasty and good for you when you can eat 3 hot pockets and 32 oz. of soda? the good news is that i am still somehow losing weight thanks to work.

speaking of things that make me SICK. i hate the earth and talk of saving it. people are ruining the color green for me. i also hate when people have a crapload of stuff and they say "oooooooo ooooo! i dont need a plastic bag! save the earth!" when they leave i throw away a handful. just kidding i dont really do that. i think about it. just save the earth and dont tell me about it. it really does not impress me that you use your own cup. its not that i dont believe that the world is "rolling downhill like a snowball headin' for heeell" (mmmm i like that song) but i hate that everyone is either making money off of it or putting on airs that they are single handedly saving the planet and everyone else is a jackhole. i had someone refuse a bag and in a low whisper say to me "one at a time.....all it takes is one at a time". i was like "sheesh? is this really happening?" because it was the funniest thing i have ever been a part of. get over yourself asheville! the snobbery here is astronomical.

Monday, August 18, 2008

who says "blue jeans" anymore? jt just did and i was like "hmmm.....what?!"


Sunday, August 17, 2008

i would give a reasonable amount of money to hear langhorne slim sing "rocket queen" by guns-n-roses. that is no lie. oh goodness, that would make my life. i would like it to be heavy on the banjo if possible. should i be talking about this out loud?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

i want to listen to the chorus of this song all day everyday. today was so freaking long and i am glad to be going to bed. i am off at noon tomorrow and i actually have the rest of the day off. i am pretty excited.

i have little to nothing to talk about but i feel like i should update everyday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

one of the greatest things in the world is happening. "five guys" opened in asheville and jt is on his way to get us the best cheese burger and fries ever. i am excited because it also means i dont have to cook and i can just nap till he gets here. then eat. then nap again till it is time for starbucks work.

also, i think i the mole i have on my ring finger of my left hand is messed up. it is red and feels weird. that leads me to believe something bad is going on and i should have it checked out. the thought of having some sort of potentially harmful thing removed from my body makes me want to faint. i just looked up "inflamed moles" and it is making me all paranoid. plus i really like this mole a lot and the thought of being without it makes me really sad. i had a cute mole on my shoulder and it is all tattooed over now. after the last tattoo session i went hunting for it and cried when i saw it was covered. literally....cried. we'll see.

oh, i cant wait to have this delicious cheeseburger! so happy!

i am thinking of starting a book club. i talked about it with a starbucks person yesterday and i think it is a possibility. 2 rules being that it cant take place at starbucks and little to no work talk allowed.

someone took a poop all over the target bathrooms today. oh the shame they must feel. i didnt know what happened at first and i was just saying to anyone and everyone that i work with "please please please tell me when you know what happened!" because even the security guy was over there accessing the situation and i thought an ambulance was in the works. extreme bowel distress going on at target.

i cant think about anything else other than cheeseburgers and my finger cancer. forgive me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

thank you and goodnight

the times, they are pretty good. i worked all freaking day long today.

jt just screamed from the kitchen "ah so much chicken!" and it was pretty funny.

anyway. target was targety. i clocked in, i put things away and opened and broke down so many boxes that my hands want to revolt and go into hiding. i hate cardboard. nothing really funny or exciting happened. something exciting was waiting in the mail from target when i came home. it was a letter from dave, the store lead manager that says "charlie, great job! you have been recognized as a top performer!". i am really excited about it. i like praise. it makes me feel like dancin.

it smells like burning. jt is cooking and i feel like its not going his way.........yeah, i just checked and the kitchen is smoky and the chicken is black. ugh. i dont care because after working 14+ hours, the thought of cooking makes me want to be sick all over the place. oh lord is smells so bad in here. have i mentioned it is 10:30? sheesh. i am happy he is trying.

anyway. after target i went to starbucks and nothing really happened there either. now i am here and waiting to have some dinner. i am hoping we get to bed before 11 or 1130 because 530a comes really early.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just ride the feelin' as long as it lasts

goodness. my favorite song right now is "sweet lovin' friends" by Dolly Parton & Sylvester Stallone. yeah, i copied and pasted their names, so what? this song makes my mood elevate. i remember watching the movie "rhinestone" constantly when i was little. i would love to own the whole soundtrack and listen to it all day everyday. i just found "woke up in love" from said soundtrack. pretty much my second favorite.

maybe i just youtubed some justin theroux. who knows?

if it is not obvious enough by my choice of videos, i am off from target today and jt is back to work. i dont have to work till 6 tonight! i am pretty excited about it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

good day

i missed a call from starbucks this morning! i am actually sad that i am not working today. it was a short 4 hour shift. in the midst of the messages from work and jerry was a message from janna banana! i got a little teary eyed. i have to call her. i need to call lots of people that i miss. i am a phone chicken. i am always afraid that they will be in the middle of something important and maybe they wont want to tell me and i am just going to be an annoyance. its odd how strong the feeling is.

Friday, August 8, 2008

he wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown

yeash, is everyone aware of my love for dwight yoakam? if i had to list my celebrity crushes he would be in the top 3. i am not sure who would be above or below that. 80s era paul simon would also be on the list somewhere.

nothing going on today. i went to work an hour early to help unload stuff. it was really not that bad. the day went by pretty quickly. came home, took a 3 hour nap, woke up, ate hotdogs, now i am sitting here watching a million dwight yoakam videos. not a bad day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

so. jt did a some cleaning earlier. mostly he folded some clothes and layed them all over the bed. just a minute ago i wanted to just lie down and read the rest of "breaking dawn". i remember all the crap all over the bed and asked jt to fix it. then this gem happened:

me: you made the mess!
him: i made a neat!

something like that. it was really funny at the time. i mean, reaaally funny.

now he is heading out to get some candy that we dont need. earlier the idea of a candy bowl popped into his head and he said "yeah like we need it, fat as we are......i i am?" i wanted to punch him 10 minutes into the future. uhg.

gross stuff ahead, dont read it if you are eating!

phew, i was so sick yesterday. i was sick enough to call into work, if that tells you anything. i can count on one hand how many times i have called into work. if someone called and said "charlie, your job depends on your being here today", i would have had to get fired because the thought of going to work made me throw up even more than i was already. the thought of even putting on clothes made me sick. i was running around in a towel throwing up on everything. it was kind of nice to be sick when there was another person around. getting sick when you live alone is the worst. you just have to suffer alone. plus you dont have anyone to go out at 5 in the morning to get you a gatorade to replenish the precious fluids you are spewing from who knows where. you also cant have that person get all the way home and have them go out again for midol. i had though about going in to work, throwing up somewhere public and obvious, and getting sent home. i am so afraid people thinking i have a crappy work ethic. i didnt care yesterday and called straight from the bathroom floor. i think i scared jt because i am a violent vomiter and i cry the whole time. i cant describe how awful it sounds. oh boy, i wanted to type "awful" and i kept typing "awesome". that is hilarious and i love myself for it. anyway, back to the sick time. i was sick sick sick and then i gave it one last sicky sick hurl right in the living room then collapsed on the couch for a couple of hours. THEN i woke up and ate a piece of toast, watched the last few episodes of californication, and read "breaking dawn" for many hours. i only have a little bit left to read but i am trying to make it last a little bit. i will most likely finish it tonight because some crazy stuff is happening.

so that is my sick time. i cursed jt because he didnt throw up when he had the tummy shame. he held up a lot better than i did.

moving on. i went to work today and i thought that people would be mad at me for not being there yesterday. but hey, guess what? target went on without me. unlike starbucks, when one person calls out, the store can function just as well. even when people don't call out at starbucks it still feels like we are short a person or 2. maybe because there are not 200 people on staff. not that this means i am going to make a habit of calling in.

at any rate. roxanne and angie are coming to asheville tomorrow! yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

do you suppose that i would come runnin'

poor jt. got a little tummy shame sickness. uhg, i hate that he is not feeling well. i am taking care of him from a safe distance. i hope i dont start feeling bad. as much as i try to be a functioning sick person, i dont think i would work the way i am supposed to whilst wanting to throw up in a box full of bamboo sheet sets. lucky that he doesnt go back to work for another week! last time i had any kind of illness, i cried at work all day. that is no joke. anyone remember that?

speaking of illness, i have some weird thing on my foot that is creeping me out. it doesnt look like something that is about to ooze or some sort of gross thing. you cant even actually see anything, it just feels. uhg, i hope i dont have to have my foot amputated. if that ever happens i will ask them to just take it off at the knee so i can get a pirate leg or one of those moon boot type situations.

work has been borderline awesome lately. i like the new target situation. the day goes by quickly, i know what i am doing. either you are doing it or you are not, there is no good or bad. either you finish your tasks and get everything ready to go out onto the floor or you dont. the end. i know most of the full time people there and i feel more comfortable. i am not 100% myself but i havnt been 100% outside of home in a while. actually i hadnt been even bearable to be around until i started enjoying work more. the last few days of working hardlines at target were really difficult. the ride to work was almost a tear-fest. i wasnt happy just going to work and mindlessly straightening crap and not seeing another human to talk to unless someone needed to know where the ziploc bags were. now i am happy at work and it is making me happier all around. starbucks is also really great and i look forward to my 2-3 days working there. i like the full time people and since i am not there all day everyday i can honestly say that i enjoy the whole shift i am there.

times are good.

plus since ol' sick jt has been reading "breaking dawn" pretty much all day he is almost finished with it. i cant wait to read it. i read about 30 pages and i is just as good as the first and third one. i was not a huge huge fan of the second one. just because it too 3/4ths of the book for me to get into it. this new one is not getting the best reviews but to that i say "shut up poopy face!".

i ate 4 or 5 donuts today. since it was tax-free weekend and the store has been super busy we have been getting a lot of free food. fancy pizza, firehouse subs, and today we got 10 dozen donuts. white frosting with green sprinkles really won me over and i kept one in my had whenever possible. did i mention i had to wake up at 330a? started work at 4 and the day pretty much sped by. always good.

uhg, if i get sick i am going to beat the crap out of someone.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

a few tid bits from today:

-i woke up feeling awesome and well was odd. maybe it was from watching a mini marathon of our new favorite show, californication and the party liquor before bed. womerns likes that.
-when i got to work i pretty much kicked it into high gear and finished my pre-11am tasks an hour early. i then got called back to my boss's office where he said (with a serious look that said "i mean business"), "charlie, do you like working with this team?" and i thought i was in trouble and almost burst into tears. i said "yes" and he said "well, we love having you" and gave me a copy of "breaking dawn" which just came out today. it was the best welcome present ever. when i sat down for my second break i looked around and saw 3 people reading it was well. a guy had it sitting next to him and he patted it when i looked over. we shared the "i know whats up" look.
-it is 7:47 pm and i am heading to bed. i have to wake up at 3:30 am.


Friday, August 1, 2008


i like that all of the new comments are from 6 am. thats just weird and possibly incorrect. the "is there life out there" video really makes me cringe at the part when reba says "what have you done?!". you know what i am talking about.

chels----take some pictures of your home and email them to me. seriously.

i have nothing to say today but i have to update. target is target, starbucks is starbucks. i got my first "full" paycheck with my previous pay and i honestly looked at it and said "really?". i feel like i have done a million dollars worth of work. maybe with the new pay rate it will be a little better. plus i get time and half on sundays since i have to be there at 4am. i thought it would be awesome to be there before the place was opened and after we closed. its really not as awesome as you would think. i also thought the walkie talkies would be more entertaining. think again.

i forgot to say that robin came over for 45 minutes the other day. it was the greatest. it was also the day i thought i was having a heart attack but it was really just really terrible gas. it was the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

the 4th book in the twilight series is coming out tonight. shew.

the end.