Thursday, June 12, 2008

jt is showing me how its done with the duck hunt. i honestly tore it up early today, out of 10 rounds i would say i only missed 6 ducks. plus i have only played that game a handful of times in my life so i should get a little credit. we just got back from cheddars where the scariest server of all time waited on us. i asked if i could get rid of the rice completely from my meal because i hate the rice they have there and you would have thought i had asked to strangle a kitten. i made it clear that i wanted nothing in substitution, i just wanted the rice away. after about 5 minutes of her "not being sure" and "i need to speak to my manager about it", i said, "just bring me the rice, its fine". i had never wanted rice more in my life. uhg. she kept coming around and asking us how things were and after we said "great", "awesome", "wonderful", "heaven-like", "never better", etc etc, she just kept standing there watching us eat! what!?!?!? i am not kidding here at all. i swear she was there about four bites after asking us how we were. it was AWKWARD. she asked jt how his burger was even thought it was a chicken sandwich.

on a side note, jt is kicking ass on the duck hunt. i spoke too soon, game over. level 14 is not bad though.

anyway, i kept telling jt to eat faster so we could run away from her. she came over and started telling us hos bored she was and just hanging out while we were trying to keep out mouths full so we would not be expected to reply but guess what? she'll wait! UHG! when she brought the check i felt the relief spread over me but there was no pen to sign the thingie! we were scrambling to find anything to write with and jt was saying "twig, branch, knife, anything, a needle, i will write with my own blood". oh boys, that was a good one. so i had to talk to her and ask for a pen. sucks. i scribbled my name and we booked it out of there.

now we are here and jt is sucking at duck hunt. i played mario brothers today and i actually remembered where weird things were. its scary that the brain will not remember actual information and important things but i sure will remember where to find that extra life mushroom from a video game.

before i go i would like to talk more about the movie i watched this morning. DISTURBING. michael pitt used to be a major celebrity crush of mine but thinking back he has always been kind of creepy. this character was the creepiest by far and i cant decide if i like this movie a lot or not. at the points when he actually looks at the camera and "talks" to you is scarier than that part in the ring where she comes out of the tv. the first time he did it i screamed and ran into the kitchen. i wanted to talk about is movie in depth but i am really tired. really tired.

ps----the only thing about our server that was less than the most irritating experience was when she said "i like that tattoo by the way, that is badass!" but she only said it because its true.


The Duck/Clay Assassin said...

Yeah, she tore it up....after spending 5 minutes complaining about how it didn't work, until I showed her what the fuck was up. You aiming.

It was adorable how excited she got playing those games today. It was worth all the hassle of getting the NES connected back up.

robin said...

JT-I am still baffled at the fact that your NES still works...didn't John use it pretty relentlessly after you finished with it?

Oh well, thank you Virtual Console!! Let me know next time you want to play Metroid or TMNT.