Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i start target tomorrow! i am actually really excited about it for some reason. i got a 4 red shirts, only 2 of which i am 100% allowed to wear. one is short sleeved and shows a bit of the ol' space lady and the other looks like a red sack. aaaanyway. we went to kohls to look for some target appropriate clothes and we ended up finding more shorts for jt. i am happy that he has more than just the one pair now. practically one for every day of the week! and in different colors! exciting! i was a little wary about him going in with me but after the fruitful shopping trip was over i was really surprised what a good shoppers we are. by that i mean we go in, get what we need, get the hell out. plus he helped me pick out shoes and even brought them to me whilst i say on my behind. another great thing jt did today would be chicken getting. when we got home a minute ago i remembered that i forgot the chicken for my ultra mega salad that i am going to prepare tonight. i just threw down the bags and screamed "NOW I CANT HAVE A SALAD! I WILL NOT EAT IT WITHOUT CHICKEN!!". i think he was out the door fetching chicken before it turned into an all out blood bath. also on the menu---brussel sprouts with cheese, a honey wheat bread thing like they have at outback steakhouse, a baked potato, AND CHERRY PIE! i cant wait! plus we got a ton of movies and i have a secret workout video to do. jt is on a man-date in case you could not tell. i am off to do my secret work out! then dinner! then movies and dessert. in that order. laundry has to be in there somewhere too.

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