Saturday, January 24, 2009

work was slow, work was boring. came home and took a nap. the nap turned into going to bed until 3 in the afternoon. i had a dream that i was there when the first pregnant man gave birth. it was insaaaaaane. i think it is because i am watching a lot of buffy the vampire slayer and i am reading the sookie stackhouse series....involving vampires. not that a man giving birth has anything at all to do with vampires. i am just saying my dreams are super gruesome lately. again, not that a man giving birth is gruesome, giving birth is generally a bloody thing i would guess. this is getting out of hand. sorry. yuck. yeash.

for the past, however long we have had the elliptical, i pretty much workout everyday and i am starting to notice a slight weight loss. this weight loss it pretty much the the upper part of my body. it just just making me look even more pear-ish and weeble wobble-like than i can really deal with. plus the only great thing about gaining weight was that i could finally fill out a bra that was not meant for middle schoolers. i am still going to keep working out regularly and cut out the food that is worth eating. its sad that i know exactly how bad the food i eat is but i still have the teenage imortality complex. plus i had reignited my love of herbal dr enuf just in time to cut it out of my life again. ugh.

back to watching buffy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

oh my my my. i just had 2 rainbow party chip cupcakes. i am still going to call them funfetti if that is okay. it was worth the wait and everything i thought it was going to be. i thought that i was going to start "eatin' good" today but it has not worked out that way. i can't drink mochas or milky sweet drinks at work anymore because they have stopped tasting like anything at all so i had 2 black coffees and a chocolate croissant for breakfast, then i had a really awful chicken tender tv dinner when i got home. for dinner i wanted to have grilled chicken, baked sweet potato, and brocolli but it ended up being almost fried chicken, buttery delicious mashed potatoes, and still the brocolli. it would be okay if our portions were a little more human. i made mashed potatoes instead because jt's parents got me a mixer for christmas and i like to mix things. i also mixed the cupcakes with it! HUZZAH! it was a good night for me. i can't express the happiness that the funfetti brought to me. i have been super down lately and tonight, things are looking up. plus we rented hamlet 2 and i am pretty sure it is one of the funniest movies i have seen in a while. actually, i have seen a lot of funny movies as of late. i also rented junebug because will oldham is in it. i am pretty sure he is my favorite musical wonderment at the moment.

i would give today a 10 oout of 10.
geez. it's cold. the first dozen customers felt the need to remind us of the temperature...."can ya believe it!?!? 4 degreeeees?!?! thats ccrrrrrrazy!" and so on and so on. throughout the day people gave unprompted weather updates that made me want to pour hot milk on my head. cold enough for ya? yes, yes it is. thanks for asking. where is my rainbow chip cupcake?

we also had only one working bar this morning so i was pretty stressed. it should not be as stressful as it sounds but it really made me want to cry at some points. basically because no one could really help me because what could they do? i only had one station opened so they could only mark cups for me and watch helplessly as i struggled. i laugh now because it is a really stupid thing to get worked up about but when everyone was just looking at me and saying "what the hell is taking so long?" and then they would look at the people around me as if to say "geez guys, help this gal out, my am thirsty!". mind you they said this with their my head.

then the best thing ever happened. i was dreading the walk home because it is colder than my emotions can handle at this point. i looked up and jt was there! to pick me up! he drove from work! when it was time for me to leave! so i didnt have to walk home! it was the greatest thing ever. now i am here. at the apartment. listening to some will oldham. its a good time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

apparently it is not funfetti. it is "rainbow chip". well well well, fancy stuff. soon enough i will have a rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip icing. soooooon.

oh boy "by your side" by sade just came on my pandora. geeeeez. that is a great song, i don't care who you are.

Monday, January 12, 2009

i really want some funfetti cake with funfetti icing. i pretty much can't stop thinking about it. i would like said cake in "cup" form and a cup of coffee on the side. yeash.

i am taking baby steps to get rid of some of my stuff. i got rid of all of my sharpies. i bagged them up and dropped them off at work. its a small thing but it is preparing me to go further. i have a pile of clothes i want to get rid of but i feel guilty for throwing them out but too lazy to find a place to drop them off for donation. just saying that motivates me to donate instead of throwing them in the trash.

off to clean some more.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

eaaauuucchhh! my car is going to be the death of me! it will either mock me to death by just sitting there or the apartment manager or landlady here is going to stress me out about it so much to the point of me dying of a panic axiety freak out. i am betting on the panic anxiety freak out. number one, she does not run anymore and there is a number of things keeling it from doing so. number two, i can no longer move it from parking spot to parking spot, thus tricking people into thinking it works and comes and goes normally. it just takes up a premium parking spot and i am guessing it finally pissed the wrong people off. i got a note this morning basically saying that it needs to move or action will be taken. is this legal? i am not sure. would someone go through the trouble to actually have it towed? who pays for this act? i am it will be me. yeash. jt is calling the landlady to hopefullly give me a couple of weeks to get the beast sold, that was the plan anyway. it needed to be done a long time ago but i was fooling myself into thinking it would be great for just one more year. riiiiiigggghhhht. moving on.

i am not knitting a lot lately, i am just at a point where i am tired of knitting dishtowels and various square things but i am not confident enough to tackle anything too complicated. i can use double pointed needles and circular needles but i suck at reading patterns. i am hoping it will not get the better of me and i will pick it back up soon but i am not forcing myself. speaking of forcing myself, i have been working out everyday but since i have no been eating well, i am not seeing any results. it is better than nothing but i really need to work on what i am eating. so thats what is going on there.

Monday, January 5, 2009

another song i can listen to aaallllll day

i am glad he has a dozen or more albums out. it will keep me from feeling like all music is geared toward either 15 year olds or assholes.

i knitted an arm warmer today. after finishing it i thought to myself "will i even wear these?" arm warmers are mighty 'look at me i am cool and wearing just the sleeves of a sweater and that makes me so painfully awesome'. adding to that the fact that i made them myself it would be even more pretentious. so i repeat: i made a single arm warmer today. i am not an arm warmer type of gal anymore. i am an unassuming pair of mittens that say "hey, i hands are cold". actually i am just a hands in the pockets type od person. why waste the effort?

my cookbook came in the mail today. i am pretty over the moon about it.