Monday, June 9, 2008

you got the right stuff

another amazing dinner tonight people. jambalaya with kielbasa and sister shuberts yeast rolls. hey-oh! it was great. it didn't help the heartburn i have been suffering all freaking day long. what did help is the triple thick shake from the fancy mcdonalds. it was not triple thick at all just to clarify. we also drove past a little something that made me want to jump out of the car. a williams sanoma. a stand alone store people! i don't have to go to the mall! they also had a jcrew. uhg, this entry will be short because my heartburn just cant take it. seriously. i thought it was caused by the trailmix i ate in abundance the last time it was this bad but i honestly have not idea what is making it happen.

i walked to work today, just so everyone knows. work was also great, another fact for you. i walked home in the million degree heat and as soon as i walked in the door i headed for the shower. a cool-ish shower and a nap was the greatest thing i have ever experienced. better than the great sandwich and root beer i ate in bed before i passed out from pure happiness. i still have half a sandwich left in the fridge! plus leftovers from tonights dinner. jts lunch tomorrow will be a feasty feast. i would say that a post hard walk (stroll, lets be honest) shower is almost as good as the post beach shower. i hate the beach, everyone knows that, but on the days that i actually put on a swim suit and stayed at the beach during daylight hours there was nothing better than going home and taking a shower. uhg, i almost want to go to the beach just for the after-shower. who am i kidding though? no one. thats who.

no more typing, must writhe around and whine about my heartburn and the taste of rolaids.


robin said...

Sometimes the waves are fun if you are covering your eyes!

chelsie said...

you are so funny.
and I'm proud of you for walking :)

krunkkinoko said...

prilosec! try it. it changed the way I look at heart burn.