Saturday, June 14, 2008

i sit in my own little cloud

first order of business: this afternoon when jt was going out to pick up our lunch he called me and said "how badly do you not want to come outside?", and i was like "uhhhh, what do you need? i don't care to go outside"...thinking that he just forgot something. he then told me that the police were outside and someone had broken into my car. funny part is, he just went on to get the food and called me to go out there. he is telling me (this is jt randomly typing to see if she will notice) the story as i type this, as it is new to he reacted to the police. the police officer asked if he knew the owner of the cars and in so many words or SILENCE jt said no. the officer said if saw the owners of the cars to let them know what happened. he said "okay" i guess and went on his way! then called me on the phone to tell me to go outside! i then had to look at my busted car on my own! in the rain! as we all know, my car is full of crap. all of said crap was everywhere and flatly laid out all over the seats. there was not much of value in the car. maybe they could have gotten a couple of dollars from the strawberry shortcake record or the ring-a-ding-ding banjo record. i did appreciate the irony of my avett brothers flyer for "four thieves gone" lying out on the seat. and a magazine clipping that declared "LUCKY GIRL!". uhg. glass was all over everything but i couldn't see anything that was actually gone. UGH, it still pisses me off though. i feel violated. they threw crap on the ground and my apron was in the road. i want to just scream at people that would do this. the car in front of me was broken into as well and as far as i know he still has no idea. jt was parked behind me and nothing happened to his car. maybe because he has nothing in there at all. oh well.
i would have paid to see jt being uncomfortable around the cop, not claiming to know me because of his fear they found drugs or a dead body in my car.

on a lighter note, i am making a great country dinner tonight...soup beans, fried taters, and cornbread. served with grape kool-aid. delightful.

the orange part was jt typing when i went to check on dinner.


chizzzzzzzzelsie said...


you think you'll get some money?
that's hilarious that they didn't take anything. could you imagine the conversation...

"dude, this car has a bunch of shit in it...let's break in"


"well,??? what'd you find"

"nothing....absolutely nothing. something about a banjo and some magazines"

"oh man, that sucks.... NEXt!"

robin said...

but no one comes to visit me in my little cloud.

destiny said...

Robin totally stole my comment. NOOOO! Oh well, are you cuttin muffins?