Monday, June 2, 2008

tiiiiired. so tired.

i actually had a good time at work today. i cant believe it. did it suck to wake up at 4:15am? yes. did it suck to look for my stupid hat for what seemed like forever, cursing to even have to wear it? yes. i opened with a girl that is interesting to say the least. i didn't feel like an annoyance at any point. another person came in and i found out pretty much everyone is reading the same book and somehow i am reading it as well. i am not sure what that is about. maybe because it is a popular book and a popular series. YET ANOTHER young lady came in and i honesty started having a great time and being myself. it was great great great. i like that everyone is around the same age and i don't feel like i am out of the loop. i like making references that people get, ya know?

i am trying not to take a nap but i know it is going to happen at some point in the day so i might as well give in right? the last time i woke up this earlier i fell asleep mid sentence in a relatively exciting book. i even drank a fatty fat kid drink today with 3 shots. i haven't had a drink in a long time so i thought it would have some effect. made my stomach hurt, i will tell you that right now.

i just got my fabric in the mail! just now! it was prettier on the computer. does anyone want a weird piece of "jade" colored fabric? i don't think i can make it work. we'll see.

ROBIN------send me your old camera to use! it will enhance the blogging experience for one and all!

nap time.

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