Sunday, June 1, 2008

somebody's lying to you my girl

i have a new favorite thing. jt has these crazy headphones that cancel outside noise and no one knows how loud i am listening to music. i love it love it love it. plus i love harmonies like no ones business and you can really hear every single tiny sound....i just love it. the only thing i dont like is i cant run to the kitchen and back because i am connected to the thing. maybe we should get wireless ones! i just got confirmation that they exist. the only thing is, i cant listen to music this way alone. i am afraid that someone is going to sneak up behind me. scary.

we went to the cracker barrel again yesterday. i am kind of tired of going there but i could not think of anything better that would not be crowded as a mother. again, i cant believe we go to cracker barrel in this town. sheesh. anyway, i got a valo-milk and a mallo-cup in an effort to decide which i liked better. i honestly love them both so much, it would be like decided which child you love more, which i have heard is hard to do. possible though! the valomilk is almost too sweet (ha, not for me but in general), and is really messy. so messy in fact, i had it all over my face and when jt saw it he screamed and tried to turn away from me and slammed his head on the side of the dresser. it was hilarious! he hit his head earlier whilst pumping gas. the fuel door release thing is on the floor of the drivers side and on the way down to press it he banged his head on the steering wheel. hilarious as well. back to the valo-milk. it is great, what can i say? the mallo-cup has that great crunchy feel that you know is unnatural. i love that about it. this one was not as messy but as i was eating in bed, i got chocolate all over my neck somehow and jt looked at me as if i has pooped all over the place. he was grossed out and it was funny.
i read the diablo cody memoir in all of 3 hours yesterday and it was pretty great.
i think those were the highlights of yesterday. today is grocery store day! i am not looking forward to it. i used to love to grocery shop. not so much anymore. i think it was because i used to shop for just me and it was cheaper and i ate weird things at weird hours and i didnt cook meals that often. jt would make a one pot something or another and eat it for days. now we eat like regular people and it is expensive. i have never bought milk so regularly in my life.

i am listening to chris thiles new group, the punch brothers in these headphones and it is amazing. the song "it'll happen" is making me want to cry and laugh at the same time. i recommend it. sheeeeeeeesh.

goodbye now.

ps----another song that sounds great with these headphones---"challengers" by the new pornographers. sheeesh.


Destiny said...

I can't think of a comment to leave, but I wanted you to know that I am reading. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

did I tell you I got my package of "handmade shit" I love it! That's the best pen ever!!!!

Also, I've showed everyone the (pot holder?) thing. They were all like "Charlie knits???" and I was like "yeah, learned off youtube. weird.

wuv ewe!