Tuesday, August 25, 2009

do you really think she'll pull through?

yeash. denny's can suck it! why in the hell did we go there? we decided to wait till almost 10 to have dinner for some stupid reason and since asheville decided to die a quiet little death yesterday it seemed like a late-night breakfast was pretty much it. the thought of cooking something made me angry. waffle house seemed too.....i dont know, fast? buttery? smoke-filled? country-fried? it was not ringing my dinner bell. ihop is just generally stupid and always makes me think of old church people. denny's seemed okay because i guess i have blocked out any bad experiences i have had there. as soon as we got our menu i was like "oh yeah, this place sucks and i want to get out". i got a crappy egg and meat sandwich on some sort of maple bread. i tried to eat more than 2 bites but my "them's not good berries! them's poison!" caveman instinct kicked in and i could not eat another tiny nibble of it. we also made the mistake of getting pancake puppies. what in the hell were we thinking? they are balls of pancake, fried, and dredged in sugar and syrup! good choice guys. jt got a burrito that the shitty band "hoobastank" either dreamed up themselves or the denny's people were so inspired by their work that they named a chicken and onion ring burrito after them. it came with a cup of what i can only imagine is cheez whiz. as usual, we had to crown a winner of dinner. whoever got the best entree is obviously the winner. we decided jt won, even though we clearly both lost. it was even more obvious who the losers were when we woke up with the sicks. i hate having only one bathroom, lets just say that. as soon as i felt safe to stand up i went to the store and got some crackers. i ate a whole sleeve before i read that there are 70 calories in every 4 crackers. hells bells. i cant win for losing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

long time no post, eh?? nothing post worthy has happened in the past little bit. i pretty much sit around in my own mind thinking "man.....i wish i could sit around and watch seasons 1-4 of the real world......anything from that era of mtv would sit well with me right now." i also think a lot about an article i read about eating pulverized white beans instead of mashed potatoes. i think about it at least twice a day along with a "what?!?! who would be satisfied by ground up beans as a substitute for mashed potatoes???". its strange how stupid things stick with you like that.

i have been super irritable for the past....oh, i dont know 4 months, and it is starting to drive me insane. i know that i am being a super mega bitch. i yelled at jt for being the the bathroom when i had to go. i flip out over the squeeky computer chair on a regular basis. smoke comes out of my ears when i hear a game of solitaire. jt plays solitaire the way i would imagine rainman would play it. its pretty impressive but not so much when my bitch switch is activated. so....that is whats going on in my life.

on a lighter note 'mamacitas' nachos have been replaced in my heart by 'papas and beer' chicken nachos. they are cheaper and so so tasty. i have a sneaking suspicion that eating at mamacitas 3 times a week was not helping my weight situation either. anyways, i could eat at papas and beer 3 times a week and not bat an eye but now that i know that one serving of anything is all of the calories i can have in a day, i am not having it as much as i would like. i have been doing really well without sodas lately and the only time i really slip is when cheerwine is offered as a fountain drink. it is more common around here than you would think but the most i have had is maybe one soda a week.

The Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother

dang, this video is so great. i want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. i still love me some 30 rock.