Saturday, December 27, 2008

i only want to post in this thing anymore when i am pity partying. rather than calling someone and having a good laugh, i write a so sad entry. i regret it instantly and delete it because it is laaaaaame. let's recap the past few days. we have an eliptical machine thing taking up what feels like 47% of the apartment and it is the highlight of my day. have i talked about this thing yet? i am not sure.

yeash, the avett brothers are playing at the orange peel tonight, one of three days here in asheville and i think it is playing a part in my mood. i really wanted to go to at least one of the shows but i tend to talk myself out of fun fun good times. i could go on about this but i would rather let it go. i thought of it because a random avett brothers song started playing on the ol pandora.

aaaaaanyway, moving on. lets see....elliptical is awesome, social anxiety sucks, where was i? nothing much is going on other than i cleaned the closet out in record time yesterday and "apartment redo 2009" is starting early. i was hoping it was going to be "apt. redo 2008" but we see how that went. it is nice to get rid of things we don't need or use. next on the list is to box up our books and dvds so we can get rid of the bookshelf. after that will be furniture move-in and maybe cable-gettin'! nothing helps a hermit like getting digital cable!

speaking of television and how it is the second love of my life, my new favorite show is "sons of anarchy" and it pains me to say that. i am not sure what it is but i am pretty into it. oh hulu, ya got me! speaking of, i am going to absorb a couple of episodes of said show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

holy beans!

i thought that song could not get much better. then it went and did it! it got better! yawza, it almost wore a hole into the floor, walking from the kitchen to the computer chair.
pretty exciting things going on in the owens/burton household. ya got me, thats not true. things are pretty regular. i have a new favorite show. "life", let me google it. damian lewis, starring damian lewis. it is the same ol' detective stuff. solvin' mysteries, gettin' clues...that kind of thing but i guess they went the extra mile to make it a little less obvious and laaaaame. enough about that.

i am kind of worried. the secret santa gift that i ruined? the tie? i wrote on it? it wanted to replace it? couple entries back? i started buying a new one but i stopped halfway through the ordering. soooo today, i checked the mail and a tie was there. hrrrrrmmmmmmm? what? i called my card people and asked if there were 2 charges blah blah blah and i am thinking that i didnt pay for it? there were not 2 charges, only the first. i am freaking out. i stopped halfway through the buying process because i didnt want to pay for it again. i went 10$ over the limit anyway, did i really want to go even MORE over the limit? the answer is no thank you. i was going to take it to the cleaners or put the ol tide stick to it. so the plan is this: take the tie to nate tomorrow because it is him christmas gift. i am giving him the new one that does not have: to nate from charlie on it. i am going to email the tie people and see if i paid for it. if i do, then i will. SHHHHEEEEEESH!!!!!!!!!

i am teaching a girl from work to knit tomorrow. i havnt been knitting. all of the panels for my blanket are finished but i have to put them together somehow. i am comfortable using double pointed needles so i would like to make some socks pretty soon. when i am at work i think about coming home, watching the darjeeling limited and knitting but i never seem to flesh out this fantasy. maybe i will do that now.

we got an elliptical. it is pretty much the best thing that we could have brought into this apartment. besides a kitten that had better be on its way soon. anyway. the elliptical. at first it was pretty much just beating us. i would get on for 5 minutes and feel like i wanted to die. now i am comfortable with the settings and can go a good 30 minutes. its worth its weight in gold in my eyes. it helps that jt and i are becoming pretty competitive about it and try to outdo each others calories burned. speaking of, i think i am going to elliptical it for a bit before bed.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"curious of many things but too lazy to move, far enough to spread the wings i stuck on with old glue"

ugh. too many days off! i am looking forward to working tonight. i am looking forward to january.

i wanted to send out christmas cards this year but that feeling left me when i realized it would have to find the perfect one, buy it, scrounge up addresses, call people for addresses, buy stamps, mail them know, actually do stuff. not high on my list of loves at the moment. my motivation/inspiration tank is empty. which is really sad. i have a lot of things i need to do. i need to get this apartment in order. i have to get rid of our stuff! i don't need or use 75% of what i own. i want to get it out of my life! i want roooooooom, i want lighting, i want my comfy couch! i am needy today. i am whiny as well. not a great combo.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i would say that today was pretty "meh". i woke up late, since i am off for 3 days i am okay with that. i say that as if i wake up early normally but this is not the case. i go through phases. when i started living alone i woke up at a respectable hour, mostly so i could find a place to not be alone. when i moved to bristol i had no choice but to wake up fairly early because i couldn't find curtains for the million gigantic windows. plus i was working early. now i sleep super late because we live in a cave. it is dark and cold and if there were no clocks around you would think it is 7am at all times. unfortunately we do have a clock and i feel like it is judging me. i wake up and i don't really feel like doing much till round about 2. i am not pleased with this, i am just saying. today was no different. i started cleaning and about a quarter of the way through what i wanted to get finished, i realized that the vacuum, tony stark, doesnt work all that well. hey, maybe i am using it wrong, i don't have a whole hell of a lot of experience with vacuuming. anyway. i figured it was for the best and stop cleaning altogether. i started knitting a neckwarmer/buff/necktube and worked on the blanket for a while. jt came home. we ate dinner. i watched jon and kate+ 8. finished the necktube. it looks better than the last one. THEN it was time to get ready for the starbucks christmas bowling extraviganza. as soon as i got there it only took a second to remember "holy hell, i am socially awkward!". i felt really uncomfortable. being in that large of a group made me insane. even the people that i really enjoy being around and have a connection with felt like complete strangers. weird and not enjoyable. plus i ruined my secret santa gift! i thought it would be kinda stupid to take his gift in a tissue filled bag, as he is a guy and i am guessing would not appreciate or need the extra packaging. it was a tie by the way. a nice tie! it was wrapped in tissue and i tied some dark blue yarn around it. i figured it would make sense to write his name on it. ugh, it bled through and the tie said "to nate, from charlie". i was upset about it. i took it back and now i have to find a way to either get the stains out or replace it. i am leaning toward replacing it. also, my secret santa got me an awesome yarn dispensing bag and 3 balls of yarn. a great score for me. after the gifts we went to bowl. i opted out and send an s.o.s message to jt. while i was waiting a co-worker turns to me and says "this is a really uncomfortable party, no?" i agreed. at least i got to hear that it was pretty weird for a couple more people. i left and requested a trip to sonic. we stared at the menu for several minutes and a guy came out and said they were closing in 3 minutes. to our ears it said "please make this night easier for me and just leave" so we just left. came home, i continued jon and kate+ 8 and knitting. jt went to bed a couple of hours ago and to block out the light i gave him a panel of the blanket i am knitting (normally buckley was in charge of light blocking r.i.p). mistake because guy won't let go of it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

oh my goodness this is the cutest thing i have ever seeeeeen

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

uuuuuuugggggggh, so cute!

i want a kitten for christmas.
yeash. i am getting my car window fixed. the guy is outside right now. the question i have is this: should i tip the guy?? he IS providing a service. i didnt have to even leave the apartment. i have no idea if i should tip or not.

anyway. in other news, buckley, my buckwheat roll pillow that i have used to cover my eyes almost every single night for 8 years, fell apart a couple of nights ago. at first it was just a small hole that i stitched up. then a few inches from the original hole, another larger hole popped up. then, i was lying on the pillow and i tried to move it up a little to get more comfortable and it ripped! the past 2 nights have been horrible. number one, this pillow had weight and it conformed to my face. number two, any position i slept in, buckley had a place to be that maximized comfort. number three, i usually refered to this pillow as a "he", not an "it" so you can see how i am pretty distrought over it. i am not sleeping as well. i am trying just to drape a shirt over my eyes but it is a constant battle to keep it in place, it has no weight--which was 50% of the reason i loved buckley so much, and as soon as it falls away from my face, i wake up. i looked for something similar online and it seems pricier than i remember. i got buckley at wal-mart for 20 dollars. it seemed like a lot and maybe even a waste at the time but i felt like it could be the answers to my eye covering woes. and don't even think about suggesting an eye mask because i will freak out. eye masks mean nothing to me.

moving on. i finally got a phone yesterday! let me rephrase that, jt went out and took care of the phone business. i said "come home with a phone or don't come home at all". i really enjoy it and i hope that i dont throw it into some water or wash it. it is a struggle for me, obviously.

we watched "tropic thunder" last night and in my eyes, it was a bust. jt liked it and got a few good laughs out of it. the same with "pineapple express". i was disapointed and he loved it. what are ya gonna do??

i am almost finished with my blanket! at this rate i am so tired of looking at it that i may give it away. knit club went from 2 members to having 10 at its peak and now we are down to the hardcore half dozen and i have to say, they are the most appreciative of all things knitted and crafted. when showing a non-knitter my fugly creations (NECKTUBE ANYONE!!???) the reaction is something like this "oh wow...(looking around the room uncomfortably) that is...different?". but to take it to knit club is like taking a golden egg! it is fawned over and passed around with wide eyes. its a great feeling.

sheesh, the guy is still working on my car door. to tip or not to tip. i have no idea.

--okay, the window is fixed. i payed, i didnt tip. UGH! i should have!!!! it was a service! too late now. i did call and say how awesome the guy was. sheesh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

sooooooo. knit club branched out yesterday! it was exciting to get away from meeting at work. it feels like i am at work even though i am just sitting there knitting. we went from starbucks to ...another coffee place! i feel like starbucks is a coffee store, not really a coffee shop. anyway, this place is an actual coffee shop with stereotypical baristas and patrons. i felt like a fraud being there. i betrayed my place of employment as soon as i walked in the door. i walked in and realized the i had 2 starbucks pins on my jacket. i took them off in record speed. i did it because i didnt want to look out of place. i did it for the same reason a middle school kid feels like they have to wear a certain brand of clothing. SICK! i hate that i place made me feel the way i did. asheville is full of pretentious people and it felt like they were all there, hanging out with other smug assholios. at least a third of them were buried in a mac, writing something profound no doubt. i could go on about my experience there but i have to get dressed in order to walk there and knit again. hey, it is better that hanging out at work. plus they have manual machines and the coffee is good.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

this song instantly makes a bad mood better. if i listen to it through the headphones it almost makes me laugh, my mood is that good.

my taste in music is making me a little sad lately. i used to pride myself on having what i thought was decent taste in music....i don't count anything before i was 18 years old. i feel like i dropped off of the musical map the past couple of years. i just haven't sought out anything other than what i happen to hear. plus it doesn't help when someone younger than you says "oh, you haven't heard of...insert crappy band, i listened to them a loooooong time ago!", then i feel positively elderly. again, i blame The Internet. i am going to be that person that hates all things new. i will sit in my rocking chair and think about how things used to be awesome.
yeeuuuuck, i am back on the soda. i feel awful about it. thanksgiving week did me in as far as sweets and soda are concerned. so, back to square one. no more soda. after i drink this can of dr. pepper. and the dr. enuf in the fridge. so, tomorrow i will stop.

got the last of my blanket yarn today. finally it will be finished! i am thinking of just giving it away because i am tired of looking at it. i wanted a homemade blanket for myself but i don't think that this is the one. did i mention i walked to town to get said yarn?!? COLD. winter coat buying has not gone well for me so far. enough about that.

what else....i washed my phone and i have to use the razr that only stayed charged for 30 minutes at a time. i made laundry soap. it actually works really well and it takes no time. speaking of, i need to wash some clothes and watch a movie whilst i knit. i taught chels to knit over thanksgiving week! she is naturally crafty. i have not seen anyone learn to knit that quickly! insaaaaane. i am proud proud proud.