Friday, October 31, 2008

jt guest blogged! that makes me really happy. since he numbered it, i am hoping that means he will do that more often.

my day started with 4 hours of work. i felt weird and high all day and i pretty much just laughed and laughed and laughed some more. it was grrrrreat. then i walked to purls, the yarn store and bought some....YARN! then i walked back to work where i taught harmony how to knit for a for a couple of hours. it was fantastical fun times. then jt and i went to look for some shoes. it was a bust. i was also looking for a coat and it was a busty bust as well. then we went to eat and i ate more that i have eaten in a week in one sitting and i feel like crap about it. then we went to the liquor store and got some elderly things to get wasted on. just kidding. we are not going to get wasted but we did get some old people stuff. HA! jt just read this and said "i thought you said that we were!" about getting wasted. he was joking but hot damn it was funny. anyway, we got some campari and gin to make some old lady gin and tonics and some old man campari and whatever. i feel positively ancient! i am also going to knit! happy halloweeeen. campari sucks by the way.


J.T.'s Guest Blog #1: My week. Also...a question.

First of all...the flashing cursor didn't automatically show up in the text box, and thus I spent 15 seconds clicking around wondering why my tab from the title box didn't get me where I wanted to be. Second of all, I'm doing this without Charlie's knowledge, though I do have her full permission, because she has Mozilla (no I will NOT call you Seamonkey) save all her passwords.


Monday I went on a field trip downtown as a substitute chaperone for a kindergarten class. That was an interesting experience. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be though. For the bus trip there, I'm sure from the outside I looked hilarious, as I was sitting halfway back, surrounded by 5 year olds with a look of terror on my face. It was a storytelling thing at the public library, which I didn't find particularly interesting. The most interesting part was my trip to the bathroom with the boys. You haven't felt awkward until you glance over and see three boys using the same urinal. Also as there were other schools from around the city having the same field trip, so I got to feel like a zoo animal as I got many strange looks from teachers and adults from the other schools. After that we went to a park and had lunch. A cold windy lunch as it's late October and we were at a flat hill-less park next to a river. I ate my two cold ham and cheese sandwiches, drank my carton of chocolate milk, and spend the rest of the time picking up the trash that got blown and thrown away.

Asheville used to have a short track for racing, which was turned into a park. I always felt kind of negatively about that, as I am in fact a race fan. Once I got there all my negativity was erased. It still feels odd that the track itself is only used for bicycles, but the infield of it is amazing. They have a large grassy area, a full basketball court, a roller hockey rink, two sand volleyball courts, and a gigantic playground. Guess where we went? It is amazing how much joy can be had by 5 year olds just running around and randomly screaming. I don't mean yelling either, I mean fucking screaming, as though they are being chased by beasts from the depths of hell. It wasn't so bad though, I ended up spending the majority of the time, lifting the children into swings and pushing them. Some was spent sparing glances at some dude in his mid-late 40s I assume trying to be impressive. He was "playing basketball" almost as bad as me, and I'm pretty fucking terrible. He then took off his shirt, and was doing pushups. DUDE! Really?! It's not even like he had a body that needed to be shown off, it was the typical body of a late 40 yr old in mediocre shape. Needless to say, I could have done without that.

The rest of the week was spent recovering from that day, basically.

The question...with some lead up. Every Friday I set up a DVD player, data projector, and sound system in the cafeteria so the kids waiting for the 2nd and 3rd load buses can watch a movie. I've shown basically the same 5-6 movies every week for the past two years. As we can only show G movies, and the only G movie I own is the Lion King, I decided, hey, I'll bring that in and they can watch it for the next few weeks. So I did. Once there, I started thinking about the movie, and how fucking intense it is at times. Even now, because really, the movie is that awesome. So after asking around I didn't show it. So my question: Is the Lion King too intense to show to a room ranging from 5-10 yr olds?

So now that I've typed all this, I really want to delete it. Charlie (who is now home) will not allow it, so post it I shall.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


i had 3 dreams last night. the first was being trapped in a hardees waiting for jesus with a bunch of old guys. there were no lights at all and in the morning i found out a film crew was there the whole time. i was like "hey, you are not part of this either, rescue me!" it was odd and scarier than it sounds. the second dream was me, phillip, and obama eating at several restaurants. barack had a couple of beers and started gettin' crraaaaaazy. i found a computer somewhere and started listening to the worst music ever and i said "man, this is the worst music EVER" and wouldnt you know it, the kid that was singing was standing right beside of me. i tried to recover but he offered to roller skate with me and i am guessing things were cool between us. it was a good dream. the last dream was that dee snyder of twisted sister wanted to adopt me. i was on the side of the road and he and his wife picked me up and dropped me off in the worst town ever. it was full of people that looked like they were from the movie "gummo" and toilets were everywhere. aaaaaanyway, i walked around for a while and the snyder family found me again and asked if they could adopt me. i was like "errr, i am an adult!" they didnt care so i said "sure". we then went to a place that they called 'the concrete mile' and apparently you could go whatever speed you wanted there. it was just a mile though so i have no idea what my brain was thinking.

oh dreams, you so crazy.

i am really not liking my new sleep patterns. i go to bed at 11-ish and wake up at 11-sh AM! that is just too much and i waste most of the day. not that i make use of the day. it is because this apartment is a cave! it is dark aaaaaaaaalllll the time. whatever. i will work on it.

so i have finally gotten it through my head that eating decently and exercise is the only way to be. no magical pill or diet is going to actually keep weight off and healthify me. i have to change my lifestyle people! or person. i am convinced that chelsie and jt are the only people that read this. hello chels and jt.

anyway. i am going to get dressed and maybe go outside. who knows. i doubt it. its cold out there and i only have my thin-ass yellow jacket.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

chels----a blog comment is a binding contract legally obligating you to come down here and hang out with me before the end of the calendar year. just so you know!

Friday, October 24, 2008

i STILL didnt watch the life aquatic! all of our towels are still dirty! YEASH! i did knit like it was going out of style! you know thats true. it isnt going out of style.....right? no idea. i did make a fancy dinner. not really as fancy as i thought it was going to be. in fact, not so much fancy as it was cheese filled. i am talking cheesetastically cheese covered. we went to the hippie grocery store down the street because they have the fancy cheese i wanted to use and said "hey, lets get some hippie chicken and hippie broccoli here so we don't have to go to yet another store!" so we got some hippie organic chicken and some hippie broccoli to go with the fancy cheese. seriously, i am going to quote jt here and say "you get what you pay for" because this chicken kicked so much ass. it was not that much more than regular people chicken in all honesty. we also got some hippie pimento cheese for me to have for lunch tomorrow. i am pretty excited about it. in fact i am going to down a couple of tylenol pms so i can hurry and go to sleep so tomorrow will get here "faster" and i can have a pimento cheese sandwich. mmmmm, good plan.

this blanket i am making will officially be half finished tomorrow. it sucks that i just learned to fuse the ends together when i am started a new ball o' yarn and this half looks like i 3 year old made it. the other half will be flawless and i will be able to live with the imperfections because of how comfortable it is going to be. i will make one for you if you want to cough up the 8$ a skein that this bad boy costs. i dont want to talk about that part. again, you get what you pay for.

i am bouncing off the walls if you cant tell. i am getting cabin fever!
i really get irritated with people putting their politics in my face. especially when i don't agree with what they stand for and it physically makes me ill to think about what they are promoting. it is really scary how strongly people feel about certain issues and how black and white they make it seem. i am secure in my opinions and i may be baffled by how people think but i would try my best not to call them wrong. even though they are. HA! just kidding, think your thoughts over there, away from me, and we will be okay. nothing is worse than someone trying to convert people into thier way of thinking. there is a fine line between informing and forcing your opinion on someone. so i just looked into my political compass. it makes me smile that i share the same general views as the dalai lama, nelson mandela, and gandhi. i doubt any of those guys would say "gimme some of those fuckin chips!" like i just did, but it is still better than being in the same general area as hilter. yeash. that would be embarassing.
it is sad when you work out just to warm up. it is cold in here. i refuse to turn the heat on. the heat in this apartment scares me. i am not sure where it comes from. there are dials here and there on the walls but no vents. it just doesnt seem consistant enough for my taste. plus this place is a fire waiting to happen. i think methusela lived here at some point.


i just spent 15 minutes watching adam ant videos. yeash, i was in love with him when i was 11 or 12.


jt is going the sam's tonight so they can hold hands while they watch veronica mars. i am taking this time to make a fancy dinner for myself, and pretty much do the things i said i was going to do the other dayand didnt. wash towels, knit, and watch the life aquatic.

i was trying to take a secret nap after work and i woke up to the sound of someone walking through the door. i was so scared that i froze. it was about 1:30 so i knew it wasnt jt, hence the freaking out. turns out that it was jt, picking up something to take back to a guy at work so my secret nap was busted wide open. that was the most exciting part of my day. other than walking home. i thought it was going to be terrible because it was cold and wet out but it was freaking great. salted caramel hot chocolate + walking home = lame, but great.

i am trying to force my friendship on a couple of people at work. i think it is working. i hate to say it but i still feel less than myself lately. its really weird. i feel like a 13 year old adult. weeeiiirrd. maybe it is because i am listening to the everybodyfields and they always make me feel meloncholy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

some things change, some things linger on

another day off! good stuff. this day includes: knitting on the blanket, thinking about making something different out of the dark blue woolish stuff i have in the closet, washing towels, watching the life aquatic, and maybe vacuuming. my talents are being wasted! i feel like i am kind of going backwards as far as my social skills go. asheville is the best and worst place to meet people i would say. plus there are a lot of crazies here. i dont mean "oh you! haha, you are so crazy!" i mean, "holy crap you are bananas ass crazy, go away because it is annoying".

aaaaaaanyway. i cant wait to get a winter coat.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

day off today. it was pretty uneventful. my 'ugly betty' marathon continues and i am on my last disc of the second season. i may be ending my love of the show with this season because the thought of watching lindsay lohan in the third season makes me unhappy. dont get me wrong, i cried at the end of 'freaky friday' and i watched 'mean girls' for my love of tina fey but thats all the lohan i can stand. sad that it has to end that way. maybe i will come around.

other than that i pretty much did nothing. went to starbucks to pick up my tips and they were wonderful. i walked out of there feeling like a stripper with a pocket overflowing with one dollar bills wrapped in rubber bands. went to get some movies to entertain me whilst jt went on his man-date. i am going to put a load or 2 of laundry in, watch the last of ugly betty, knit a little bit, and top it off with an old lady workout. exciting!

i have been thinking about redoing the apartment to make some more room and make it feel less cluttered. i feel like it is going to be awesome. starting tomorrow i am getting all of the clothes we dont wear together and hopefully jt and i can get the closet in some sort of order and get it started. the end product will include a turning the whole apartment around, making the closet an entertainment system of sorts, getting 2 medium area rugs instead of 1 big ugly one, getting rid of the bookshelf, turning the desk around, putting up a divider, using the 2 hall closets for stuff other than junk storage, and hopefully putting some pictures and wall things up without jt thinking we are going to get kicked out for putting holes in the wall. they always find a way to keep the deposit anyway, might as well throw caution to the wind and hammer a nail or 2. oh, and also curtains. thats right people, we dont have curtains. i feel like we live in a dorm room or something. i didnt have curtains in bristol, maybe because it would have taken 7 bed sheets to cover the things. oh windows, how i miss you. i have gone a whole day at a time not knowing what it looks like outside. not having windows is no excuse for my hermit tendencies, i am just saying. maybe i am having trouble finding someone to hang out with because i listen to this song all the time:

this song used to come on at starbucks all the time for some reason and every time i would run to the back and say "really!??! i freaking love this song! i cant believe it!!!!!"

an episode of 'ugly betty' just made me cry! egad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"do you really want to have this conversation?"

"i have no problem with sticking you! i will equalize you!"

chels--how do you not like 'forgetting sarah marshall'??? geez, it is the best! i am watching it for the millionth time right about now.

i am so much happier these days. work was sucking and doing things that suck for many hours a day really brings the mood down. i worked for a whole 6 hours today. that was pretty exciting. nothing major happened but i made myself not only walk to work, but also walk back. that and my old lady workouts are not rocking my cardio world but i feel like less of a fatty. today was also a day without soda and i can feel it in my brain. ugh. i am trying not to message jt and ask him to stop at the ol sonic drink stop to get me an ocean water. it would make my day that much better but i know i dont need it. charlie cant just get a 12 oz. drink and let it go, charlie needs a rt. 44 light ice.

hey, we went to the six flags last weekend. pretty pretty pretty.....pretty exciting. the highlight being domnoes pizza afterwords. man, that was some great pizza. the lowest part of the evening was haunted nights. i love to be scared. its fun. i get it. i have no idea why i try to get away from something i love so much. i was so excited when i found out that employees dressed as zombies and the like were going to be freely walking the six flags. my excitement left as soon as i saw one. i freaked the hell out! my head darted around non stop after that, looking for a haunted person. half of me wanted to see one so bad! the other half was hoping that i never saw one again. other than that it was a fun time.

this cracks me up:

oh boy, that is the goods.

speaking of the goods and things that are the opposite of it. i am getting a little fired up about people and their political opinions. i just read a little something that someone posted and it made me want to call this person and say "REALLY?! really!?? are you really this stupid? REALLY?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!" i think that if you are going to post something, you should really get the facts. i could and really want to go on about it but i have learned that you should never talk religion or politics. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarah marshall. how i love you movie! you cool my jets movie!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i am so happy to not be at work!

i had an intense need to listen to "i'm on fire" by bruce spingsteen and i gave into that need. it was great.

this morning i looked in the mirror to see what the day after haircut looked like and what it said to me was "hey, jennifer anniston called and wants her 90's hair back".

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

guess who got a haircut today?! me! it has elevated my self esteem to dangerous heights. i felt aweful going in because jt was sick all night and into the morning and since it was raining, he drove me into town. mostly likely almost puking the whole way. it took a over an hour and i got to watch this crazy kid behind me getting a haircut and on the other side i got to see his mother reacting to her wackity ass kid. hilarious. i would say he was about 10 and something happened with his hair involving fire. hilarious. i wish i knew the whole story. all i know is that he said "the smell of burned hair never goes away and the smell of fire never leaves your hair, that i can say for a fact!". hilarious. he was making weird faces the whole time and then he would smile a little too big not to be crazy. then he would kick his shoes off on the sly and slither down mid cut to put them back on. i am sure he thought that the woman cutting his hair was none the wiser. it was the greatest thing to watch. his mom was just as proud as a peach of this kid. good for them. i decribed the kid to jt as being a typical downtown upper class ashevillian kid. i dont even know what that means or if it is typical but that is what i imagine them to be like. anyway. i am happy to have hair that does not look gross and i am happy that i didnt have to work this morning. more good news is that i dont have to work at target for the rest of the week because he got someone to cover my shifts. the only thing that bothered me was when i said "uhg, thanks for covering that for me, i just couldn't do it!" and he said "well, it could have been done (talking about my 70 hour work week), you just couldn't do it." i am well aware it can be done, i have done it. if i didnt hate it so much, i would have happily gone in and worked the hell out of this week. whatever dude, i have my mornings off and a great haircut.

i am going to work. i am going to do an old lady workout when i get home because i dont have to wake up early! yay!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

jacket on, jacket off

well. i hate to say it but i called in again today. it is my last full week and i called in. i would say that it is not like me to do that but i think it really is, i just dont do it at starbucks. even on my sickest day i dont call in there. if i am sick, i go in, cry in private about how crappy i feel, tough it out, go home at my scheduled time. the couple of other jobs i have had in the past i may have called in. actually, at the officey job i had, i drove around the building for 10 minutes and quit from the red light outside. it was the same feeling of "egad, if i have to even smell that place i am going to freak out!".

lets not talk about it anymore. if i get fired there, i would celebrate. no joke. i need to go to school. thats all there is too it. right now i just need to watch forgetting sarah marshall again, eat some chips and cheese, and do my old lady workout. i have switched from a secret workout to an old lady workout. let me just tell you, walking and kicking in place is hard.