Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Carrie Bradshaw

Well, I've already started slacking on my daily post promise. That was pretty quick, no? Nothing is happening that I feel like I need to remember when I come back to read this in a couple of years. Also, what is interesting to me, is totally boring to someone else. Maybe because I tend to get obsessed with one thing and it's all I focus on and want to talk about. I say that because I want to talk about what I am currently focused on. Let's start with a concern. A morality concern. Never had I "Facebook stalked" or googled a person I was interested to death. I think because before Jt and I started seeing each other, that was not a thing? Obviously when we got together I didn't have a reason to google  men so that  just passed me by. Moving on. I got the google bug when I found out my crushtomers last name. I felt disgusting! That's how I know I was doing something that is not necessarily wrong, but isn't right either. He has little to no web presence as they say but I still found out things that I should not have known because he didn't tell me personally. When does it go from innocent curiosity to weird? Answer: it's always weird! Edit: looking up a name on Facebook is not terribly strange. Looking it up several times to the point that when you type in the first letter of their name it pops up first thing, that's when it's gone too far. I have gone to far. I am sure when we are deep into an emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship, I will tell him and we will laugh. While that was totally a joke, it too is not healthy. Let's move on.

I went on a date yesterday. That's about all I can say. Dating is a strange thing. I have been saying that I can't wait to start seeing someone and feeling those awesome nerves, the excitement, holding hands with someone for the first time, all that fun fun stuff. I didn't get any of that. Maybe we'll go out once more but I don't see it going anywhere.

On a lighter note, I have 3 avocados and I'm going to eat all of them. You heard me.