Saturday, May 31, 2008

thank you chelsie for making me watch old gregg! soft creamy beige

herro. i am trying to think of what we did yesterday. it was date night so we went to eat at this mexican place down the way. last time we went we had to wait forever to get eeevvvverything. we are both so passive that we just let it go and waited. when they finally brought whatever we were waiting for at the moment, apologetically mind you, we just laughed and said "awww man, it aint no big thang, haha its okay!". when really we were thirsty and hungry and cranky. it was really good though so we went back. this time i had trouble remembering what i got last time that i loved so much and the server didnt understand just i just really wanted something covered in cheese. bring me a shoe covered in cheese and i will eat it. moving on....we were going to see a movie but every theater was packed and the thought of seeing any of the movies that are out right now make me sick. save ironman. egad, that was a great movie. i would see it again. right now. i think after than we came home. let me get confirmation on that.........................................................................................................................................nope, we went to world market. it was treatie heaven. i got strawbery and litchi gummies, almond crush pocky, 2 coffee mugs, and a pot scrubber. jt got a mix and match 6-pack, 1 of which is mine. a girly pear cider. THEN we went home. we read, watched "old gregg" a million times, drank kool-aid, and read some more. i got a wild hair to watch "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and since my copy is lost, we went to target to get another. they didnt have it so we went to walmart. walmart didnt have it but they did have an amazing $5 bin going on. we picked out the best of the worst (13 going o n30, my cousin vinny, first blood, the secret window, and meet joe black). the checkouts were backed up so we put them back and left. THEN we went to sonic and got a cup of ice and some food. back home, watched old gregg, did many old gregg impressions, read some more, went to bed.

today i think we are going to grocery shop, mail something, go to the lake and walk, find my movie, read some more, and maybe i will finish my tote bag. i will let you know.

Friday, May 30, 2008

a box full suggestions for your possible heart

i have nothing else to do but update this thing. i know i have at least 3 people reading so that is enough for me to be on this thing twice a day.

work was actually bearable yesterday. i worked with 2 people that can tolerate me and i think may like me. i felt a little less uncomfortable. there are 2 or 3 people that i feel sad around and i wish they would lay off but i think they will get over it when they see my awesomeness will overpower. moving on. i came home and could not sleep at all. maybe because i drank a giant sweet tea (we have sweet tea now, kill me) and a lemon cookie. i was starving and hoping that jt made something for dinner but he didn't. there is nothing in the house that does not require cooking so i am guessing he just went hungry. plus i told him if he made a mess in the kitchen to clean it up. when i was leaving i said "if you feel squirrely, put the silverware away." he said okay so i said "if you feel even squirrelier, put aaaaalllll of the dishes away" and his reply was, "i think the silverware squirrel will vistit but i don't know about the dish squirrel". hilarious.

i am hungry right now but too lazy to cook anything. you can only eat baked potatoes so many days in a row. i think it is grocery store day. not that i am looking forward to it. i AM looking forward to getting my fabric in the mail today or tomorrow. i am making a quilt in "ugly" shades of green and burnt orange. it will look great, trust me. i think i am actually take my time with it and use the right materials. i may even keep it! we'll see. i want to make something right now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


what was with all of the phone forwards this morning? HOPE RENEE! i know one was you, you forward lover! something about forwarding it to 9 people and then, when you turn your phone off and back on, your background turns into a CASTLE! what the? anything that can do that cant be good for the phone. plus my background is mr. angry napper. hilarious. uhg, i am watching the binge drinking episode of 30 days on hulu. i swear, if i saw the daughter i would punch her. actually i would just say "YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSIVE!". the phrase that i like to say to at least 2 people a day. drunk people get on my nerves like no other. see, now i am mad and this is turning into an angry post.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i am going to talk more about music for a second. i think that the reason my taste in music changed so much is because i went from liking and almost music that talked about being alienated, lonely, that made me thing "hey everything is just as bad as i think it is" to needing something that made me happier and better about life in general. that is just how it is for me, not how it is for everyone. i could go on but i am cleaning up a storm and i really dont want to stop. i know i will not want to clean on my awesome 3 day weekend! anyone want to come to asheville to hang out with me!?!??!?!?!?!!?!!?

i loved my time here, didn't know till i was gone

oh my. i would like to reflect on the first time i saw the avett brothers live. i had just moved to kingsport and it was the first time i was living completely alone. i hated staying there even though the apartment was everything i wanted. i always felt alone and never at home. i would always go to big stone and hang out with anyone that would. ANYWAY, i was coming from big stone one night and every road to my building was blocked. i was on the verge of tears so i just parked randomly and went to see what the heck was going on. it was the free thursday night outside concert shindig in the middle of downtown. i heard the tell-tale whistling into of "at the beach" and i felt so happy. i got closer and realized that it was neither a cover nor a stereo, it was really them! i laughed and screamed without feeling embarrassed at all. it was mostly older people in camping chairs and about 2 dozen younger people in front who knew who they were. it was the tail end of the show but it was the best 15 minutes i have ever spent in kingsport. they played november blue and i teared up and actually had to sit down, it was amazing. i could not have been happier. i went to the soul sucking apartment and though i still didnt feel at home, i didnt hate my situation as much.
the reason i thought of that time was hearing the live version of november blue on pandora. my live volume 2 cd wont play the last half for some reason. i hadnt heard it in a while is the point of that.
after i sent the mixed cd out i thought about how much my taste in music has changed in the past few years. i remember being in middle school and high school thinking that i had such diverse taste in music but i really only liked a certain style. i would always say "i like everything but bluegrass!" which was really not true at all. if that person i was knew that i love a banjo...hilarious. i still like the things i did in the past, i just like more traditional things i guess. i dont know. i like what i like and i dont want to be judge on what i like. not that i dont judge the crap out of people. i like to make fun of the newer music and radio crap but i will admit (most of the time) that it is my opinion and not fact. people are protective of their music. phew. as long as you dont listen to fall out boy i am okay.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

do i hear......

Ray Lamontagne has a song on this soundtrack? what was he thinking? "be here now" was going to be on the lil mix cd i sent out. phew.

27 dresses

this movie is killing me. i am a sucker for romantic comedies but the last 2 i have seen, ps i love you and this one, are terrible. not that i was expecting a movie that would change my life and i would go out and buy it. my favorite line so far is when the leading man asks about her needs and she says something to the effect that she has no needs, she is jesus.

big haircut

'round about the time for jt to get home i hear the jingle of the door handle. i have a picture in my head of who is going to be walking through the door. what i saw was not what i expected and i may have jumped in shock. it was jt with a haircut. he immediately started stomping around saying "i hate it, i hate it, don't look at me!". i think it looks great but he cant stand it. he threw himself onto the bed and took an angry nap. needless to say i snuck a few pictures but he does not know that and never needs to. he is on his regular tuesday man-date that i practically had to force him to go to because he is ashamed of his new hair. the bright side is this: when we go out to eat it seems like we are always put in the farthest corner of the eatery, out of sight. i have always noticed it but a couple of weeks ago it was obvious when we went to the olive garden. i know, the olive garden sucks when you are in a city with awesome restaurants and local goodness all around but i had a hankering as they say. anyway, at the olive garden it was obvious we were in the section where they put people that they want out of sight. the people behind us were saying "if we split an entree, do we still get free bread sticks and salad?" and "this is all i can eat right?". the couple across the aisle looked just like lil kim and kevin federline. diagonally we had a man that said to the sever, "i'm takin' momma out to a good supper!" and then complained about the stuff chicken marsala "....shew, this ain't stuffed good enough!"
the point of that story and the bright side of it being: with jt's spiffy new 'do and my big girl purse we may not have to sit in the riff-raff section anymore! hey-oh@
i am going to say one more thing about that trip: the chicken marsala was stuffed good enough, it was pretty good.
we went to blockbuster earlier and took advantage of the 3 for $20 deal and we are the proud owners of hot fuzz, sweeney todd, and the darjeeling limited. i am going to watch one right now. actually, i also rented 27 dresses so i am going to watch that first.
speaking of 27 dresses, dee, chels, and i went to knoxville to check out a bridesmaid dress or 2 and it was a B-U-S-T bust. we went to the mall there and clothes wise it was a bust for me as well. it did prompt a secret workout today. i could not find a stitch of clothing. uhg. a secret workout is where i lock and chain all of the doors, move the furniture and do some crazy workout tapes on mute. it is fun without being fun at all.
speaking of clothes though, i have a new little obsession. has an alchemy section where you can request handmade items. give them the details of what you want and what you are willing to pay for them and people will then bid on the chance to make them. you decide who is going to do it and they make it, you look at it, if you like it, you buy it. right now i am having a great custom made dress coming! heyoh! i am really excited.

i am going to watch a movie now.


i was too lazy to include a playlist with the package and there were things i wanted to explain.

1. catchers song-great lake swimmers/i am a sucker for banjos and harmony. i love this whole cd.
2. By The Time The Sun's Gone Down-langhorne slim/i love his voice so much! we saw him at rhythm and roots last year and i fell in love with him.
3. checking out-langhorne slim/i love to sing this song in the shower. i like to sing it in general. i also love kazoo solos and when groups of people sing together (towards the end)
4. hey-ho-leah & chloe/we also saw these ladies last year. anyone that can juggle fire and play the fiddle is okay in my book. i have never seen poi look so awesome. actually it is always awesome.
5. the lowering-the avett brothers/i love how their voices blend perfectly, i honestly can't get tired of hearing them
6. Paranoia in B Major-the avett brothers/anyone that calls me knows this is my ringback tone. again, i know they are becoming really popular these days but i am not going to drop them like i usually would.
7. pretty girl from san diego-the avett brothers/man, i put a lot of these guys on there. i love the last half of this song. the "la la la la..." part just makes me swoon and my mood elevates instantly.

okay, i think the order i am going off of is mixed up but i think the rest is in this order:

8. pretty girl from chile-the avett brothers/i love the pretty girl series! this one is my favorite because it really sounds like 3 songs in 1.
9. love man-otis redding/i just love to hear this song. it cracks me up and makes me happy. plus i still kill the dirty dancing soundtrack every now and again.
10. if it's the beaches-the avett brothers
11. dogsong-the be good tanyas/jt does not like a lot of the music i do but he loves the be good tanyas and we have to listen to all 3 albums in the car constantly. not that i am complaining. i love all 3 and it was hard to pick just 1 song.
12. skeleton key-margot and the nuclear so-and-so's/i think of this song as almost a guilty pleasure song. i am not a huge fan of them but when i first moved to kingsport i listening to this song all day everyday for week or 2. it is not even a style of music i really like, i have no idea.
13. picture in a frame-tom waits/i am becoming a tom waits fan in my old age. my favorite line in this song is "...i'm gonna love you till the wheels come off...."
14. feist-limit to your love/ this song plays constantly at work and i secretly love the whole cd.
15 boy with a coin-iron and wine/do me a favor and watch the video on youtube. sam beam looks uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable but i watch it all the time.

well, thats it. i hope that you find at least one song you like! woo hoo!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

boring post ahead

work is meh, today was generally meh. my plan after work was to clean whilst jt was in south carolina but i came home and sat in this chair and i rarely leave it. i made dinner but i was what i like to call a boil and simmer dinner than requires little if any prep and you just sit till its done. i took a shower only so i dont have to take one at the crack of dawn tomorrow. i just want to get up, suit up, drive up (the road), and work.........up? no, no up. i really should have cleaned. this place is so small that if you even have more than one glass on a surface or the table is a bit cluttered, it looks as if a hurricane hit. i realize now that i am the messy one. jt is the dirty one. i have more things and drag more crap out through the course of the day. jt just does gross things like putting an open jar of spaghetti sauce in the cabinet instead of the fridge. we also dirty up every dish in the house every day it seems. since i hate to wash silverware i will wash everything else but the silverware until i have no choice but to. this is a boring post. still on this subject, i sprayed a heavy dose of oust all around the apartment so when jt comes home and all is dark it will kind of smell like i cleaned. then in the morning he will be perplexed and feel deceived. i cant wait till be get a bigger place. actually, we dont need a bigger place but i kind of miss the days of living in a pretty big apartment all alone. i had a whole bedroom just to throw crap into. this place really cheap and close to downtown though. moving on. i have to go to bed.

Friday, May 23, 2008

not to beat a dead horse, the horse being this blog, i need everyone to rent the movie i talked about in the last post and watch the part right before the play their big hit "the weight" when that guy says "we decided to call ourselves the band". it is so scary.


jt just said something funny a little bit ago and i forgot what it was....when i asked just now if he remembered what is was and he said "you didn't laugh so i really have no idea". he has been firing the jokes tonight but missing the mark 9 times out of 10. the funniest thing being his new thing ending sentences with "....on your face, big disgrace" queen style. example: i said "i could go for some cheesy tots" and he said "tots on your face, big disgrace!" it is getting old but thats okay. it was not okay when i was still enjoying said cheesy tots and he put his feet dangerously close to them. i am talking about 2-3 inches here. ha, i may have forgotten the funny things that happened earlier but here is a gem he just spit out: "what are you typin' there lightnin' fingers?". that was a good one. if i remember that thing from earlier i will come back. we are watching "the last waltz" a documentary about "the band". i have to admit i am enjoying it.


jt is on a man-date tonight and i am using this time alone to watch "the miracle of life", nova/pbs style.

i would also like to reflect on my day at work. i am pretty sure that my co-workers do not like me. i could have ranted on for pages about this subject when i first got home but i felt so bad that i wanted my intestines to feel the same so we went the Cracker Barrel. our server was the biggest waste of space i have seen in a dogs age. jt and i will tip a person even if they threw our food right on your laps but i honestly wanted to hit this girl. i dont want to go into it because it really just bothered me to the point that i cant make it entertaining. i have been a server before, i know it sucks but if you want to make some money, smile every once in while. humor me and fake laugh at my jokes, i will tip you handsomely! don't roll your hand in an effort to make me pick up the pace, it takes a second for me to say "just go ahead and give me 3 hash brown casseroles!". i hate when people are so impatient that it looks like they have to pee. you know what i am talking about. constantly saying "uh huh, uh huh, yep", nodding the head in an unnatural fashion, shifting from one foot to the other....i get it! you are in a hurry and i am holding you up! i gotcha! i could go on about this gal but i wont!

i am going to talk more about how i think everyone at work hates me. hate is a strong word here. i think they just could take or leave me. i am just not used to having this hard of a time getting acclimated to an environment. i don't know what it is. i feel like i am a pretty nice person. i like a good laugh, i like to make people laugh, i smile a lot, and unless you are a completely hateful person, i will most likely like you. i wont go into too much because i think i just need more time to adjust and get comfortable. even though this job has been part of my life for so many years, things are still new and every place is different and i cant be expected to just jump back in and automatically kick ass. plus i have been on "vacation" for a month. since then a lot of new stuff has happened company wise and most of it i have no idea what it is. like when on my first day here i was introduced to the "spoodle". its a whole new world. plus i am in a role that i haven't been in for many a year. arg! i will be talking about it a lot of course so we'll see.

this was a ranty entry. sorry!

another one

another pseudo celebrity was the guy that was on miami ink that had the thong tattooed around his waist. he came in several time because he was friends with the owner. i remember having a huge crush on him and at some point i tried to start a conversation with him about tattoos and i got really flustered and started acting stupid so i said "um, i think my food is up, bye" and stayed in the kitchen for the rest of the night. it was years before his appearance on the show. i was living with hope and the girls when the show aired and no one really cared that i had met and talked to that guy at least 3 times.

ice ice baby (duh duh duh duh duh duh dun dun)

since robin butchered my vanilla ice stories on her podcast i am going to clear them up. the first visit i honestly felt a little starstruck. he ordered a tall coffee and when whoever was serving him grabbed the small cup he said "no no no no no, i want something taller than that!", wanting a large. i was working the bar and had the pleasure of watching him doctor up the ol brew (ha, sorry, that is lame but it is funny in my head). he stirred in so much cream it rivals the fact that i put 3 heaping tablespoons coffeemate into my at home coffee. he then licked the stir stick and said "just the way i like it". in that vanilla ice voice. you know the one.

the next trip was slightly more hilarious. a guy named noel helped him. i would also like to add that noel was man-cub (what was his actual name in the jungle book???? egad, we just watched that earlier a few weeks ago. i am too lazy to google it) at disneyworld for years! he told me some stories of weird things that happen there....moving on to my story. so noel said "what can i get for you?" and he actually said "something with french vanilla in it" noel explained that we dont have french vanilla, we have regular vanilla, and really what is french vanilla?" VI then says "ok regular vanilla." and get this.....he wants it COLD! ha! cold as ice maybe?? i am thinking "is this really happening? is he setting himself up for this?" HILARIOUS! at that store we asked for names to put on the cup so we could both learn your name and so idiots would not get the wrong drink and VI gave a fake name. noel asks "are you serious?" and VI just told him to write whatever on the cup. you dont argue with harcore VI. so then he starts flirting with these girls that are really not into him and kind of make fun of him. a girl i worked with that i honestly have no visual or memory of other than the fact that she came from the back and told VI the story of how she gave him a demo cd and he was mean to her and yadda yadda yadda.

other celebrities i saw or met whilst working either there or at red coral:

billy corgan (bottled tea and his dad got an iced tall vanilla latte)
liza minelli (venti caramel frappucinno)
that guy who was in the e street band then on sopranos. uhg i just forgot his name (he ate dinner with the owner of the red coral....i just stared over the balcony while i rolled silverware)
one of the playmates of the year (i had never seen such a weird looking person in real life)
alan ruck (oh boy that is a funny story)

uhg, i dont wanna go to work!

to walk or not to walk?

i have to be at work at 12:45. it is 11. i live about 2-3 blocks away. should i walk? keep in mind i will be wearing head to toe black. plus we have been walking in the evening. ack! i am walking i guess. shew. i am also brewing a pot of coffee because i am embarrassed by the fact i bastardize coffee by putting coffeemate in it. i don't want my new co-workers to think ill of me yet. i got a great book yesterday that i will reveal the title of when i am sure it is not the science fiction train wreck that i think it has potential to be. jt read the preface and said "that sounds really good" so it gave me a hint that i may hate it. we'll see.

i have to prepare myself for work. that means i have to throw myself over ever surface in the apartment saying "i don't wanna go to work!" then crossing my arms and pouting. it makes it funnier, the fact that there is no one else here but i will still do this.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


look at these delicious cupcakes. guiness on the left, 2 black forests on the right. i would also like to add that at this particular cupcake place, the "fallen" cupcakes are half price and i take full advantage of that. plus i like the little sign that says "oops! i fell over!". clever cupcake people. i bring it up because it seems like everywhere i look i see cupcakes. every food, personal, and crafty blog features some sort of cupcake. cupcakes are like the jello molds of our time. all of the specialty cupcakes, your salty peanut, coffee, tiramisu, eggnog, are like the jello molds in fancy shapes with grapes in them. hopefully as a generation we will get over it soon because i don't think i can handle much more. this particular batch of cupcakes that we bought sparked quite the spat between jt and i. it was when he first got his new car and i said "hey, can i eat one of these in here?", knowing that the answer was no. of course he said "i would rather you didn't". i laughed and started eating it anyway. uhg, that was a bitchy thing to do. he got really quiet and we didn't talk the whole ride home. it was not the fact that i ate in the car, it was the fact the he had asked me not to and i just disregard everything he says. he would never outright tell me not to do anything, except that one time that he said "you cant eat cookies for breakfast!" and it made me so mad that i ate a whole sleeve cookie monster style.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"i need a tostada to calm my nerves!"

i know snl is hit or miss but Katlin (sp?) skits really kill me every time. every time. if you know what i am talking about you know what i am talking about. that sentence should be taken out back and shot, i know. i am thinking of actually telling people about this blog (i puked just typing that word) so i will not feel like i am just using this as some sort of ranting outlet for myself. plus i get so much pleasure reading about other peoples lives, i want to share that. not that i do anything worth reading about. i ate leftovers and ice cream at 7 this morning, watched 2 episodes of heroes, thought about doing laundry, and now i am going to shower and wait for jt to get home. we are going to walk for a bit before dinner and then watch some crappy movie that i would rather not talk about but i have to see the badness for myself. when i first looked at the box i said "ew, terrible." then we saw the preview and who made the movie and thought we would give it a chance. when we were checking out the woman said "trust me, you are going to be begging for your money back on this one, its that bad". i got really irritated by that. mostly because the people at this particular blockbuster are such elitist assholes, i want to punch them. 2 guys were having a conversation about "the fountain" not too long ago whilst we were there and the word "transcendent" got thrown out. i just wanted to laugh and say "YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSIVE!" i want to say that a lot here. i really hate when you can tell what type of person you are dealing with just by looking at them. they were that type. i could go on about this but i am going to wait. jt and i got in the car and laughed. not to mention that everything that day was described as transcendent. moving on.

shower time.

i have no idea what it looks like outside today

one of the few things i miss about bristol besides people. my 7 huuuuuuge windows. i didn't have to guess what the weather was like.

those do not happen in nature

Zachary Quinto's eyebrows have a life of their own.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

love and marriage

so i am pretty much obsessed with being married, having a house, and having a baby. just so everyone knows. no idea where it came from but there it is. the reason i bring this up is i like to look at things related to those things on the internet. the most recent being baby slings. jt is against slings and wants to strictly carry or stroller our tot of the future. i think that makes no sense at all because carrying kids around for a long period of time sucks and strollers are irritating to the world. in my opinion. anyway, we were in the car the other day and whilst having this debate i just screamed "one of the main reasons i want a baby is so i can carry it around in an awesome sling!" what i really said was "we are not going to be having a baby in the few few years because i am bananas ass crazy". does it stop me from looking at slings online? oh no. it does not. the one that prompted this post was a nice creamed colored number with several complicated ties that made me double take and say out loud "is that a straight jacket?!?!?"

i want to show jt when he gets home but then he will know i am looking at baby things and that would be weird.

love yoooooooou
holy crap. FUDGE episodes are on hulu. a whole season! this will be the rest of my night


egad, i really can't wait to go to work on Monday. i am pretty sure i will never say that again. it has just been a long month of absolutely nothing. i did knit a shit load of dish cloths though. this thing just corrected my spelling of shit load. i know now that it is not one word. common mistake? i think so. today i have watched a whole season of a show i would rather not talk about because it is terrible but it is an accomplishment, to watch a whole season of a terrible show in one day. not that i have not done it before ladies and gentleman! nothing more embarrassing than renting a 3 disc set from blockbuster and returning it on the same day. actually there are a million things more embarrassing but i honestly didn't think so at the time. especially since it was "bridezilla". i have moved on so i think we should never bring it up again.

in other news my sewing machine works and i will hopefully be on my way to making something the resembles a useful fabric Frankenstein in the near future. i am pretty proud of the fact that i cleaned, threaded, and even adjusted it on my own.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


i am hoping that this blog can be completely uncensored. not that it will be full of cursing, nudity, or anything like that....i just hate feeling like i have to be a watered down version of myself because i am afraid i will offend someone. actually that is a lie. i had a lot of people on my list that i would hate to hurt or offend with language or being open about my feelings. i think it goes back to caring about what people think of me and not wanting to show a side that i know they would not be comfortable with or they weren't familiar with. if that means i am hiding here, i have to live with that. i am making it sound like this will be a journal full of ranting and complaining...far from it my friend! i just may throw in a word or 3 that i would not want a child to hear and i may say something terrible about someone in the middle of the fun. enjoy!