Tuesday, June 24, 2008


well. i removed tumblr from this thing because tumblr is dumb. i removed twitter as well. i thought i would like that whole concept but i really don't. i also added more sites that i love and go to several times a day. i have more to put up there i just got distracted by putting clothes away and making some cds. i am making another little cd and plan to send it out. if i have your address i will send it to you. if i have your address and you don't want it, send me a sign and let me know. it will be a little more thought out than the last i sent. if i don't have your address and you want it, give it to me. if you think i have lost your address and just want to check on your status, let me know and i will check on that for you. if you have the cd and i sent out last time, listen to "if its the beaches" all the way through whilst sitting in the dark. its oh so nice.

i accomplished a lot tonight. by that i mean at least half. i did my secret workout and the first day of the 100 push-up challenge. i made my dinner and ate it. i ate a little cherry pie and it was not as good and i had hoped it would be. not really even close. i want a huge blue moon water but i think i will have to settle for britta pitcher water. which i hate for some reason. it cant fool me, i know it is dirty pipe water. i know that most bottled water is tap water as well so i dont want to hear it. i am in such a bad mood! ugh, i have no idea why. i decided against laundry because i have work clothes for tomorrow and it can wait another day.


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