Saturday, June 7, 2008

"fingernails? really?"

when i called jt on my break today we made an deal: i would clean the kitchen if he would cook dinner. he remembered his man-date so we couldn't really go through with said plan. he then basically said that he would clean the kitchen tomorrow. i cooked my homemade meatloaf and mashed potatoes and the state of the kitchen actually embarrasses me so much that i am cleaning it myself. what? it is the dumbest thing i have done all day. ALL DAY.

at the moment i am watching juno again. i remember a time i watched this movie at least once a day for 2 weeks. while in the store last week i got a wild hair that we should start using bleach in our laundry and while looking for the best option for our specific laundry needs jt uttered the phrase "go carol". oh boys, it was the greatest shopping moment ever.

back to the dishes. looove you.


chelsie said...

remember when we watched juno at dee's and we were too lazzy to hook up the dvd player in the living room and we just watched it in the bedroom

haha good times <3

Destiny said...

I am getting ready to watch Juno. I got it from Netflix, finally, and it wouldn't play so when Jes gets home we are watching the other copy they sent us. I have been wanting to see this movie for so long.