Saturday, June 7, 2008

best day ever.

another good day at work friends! not that it didn't go on and on and on forever. my plan was pretty simple, i just went in and said what i wanted and did what i wanted without feeling embarrassed about it. if i wanted to say something stupid, i said it. if i wanted to do a little dance, i did it. it didn't hurt that i had a case of the giggles at different point in the day and i didn't give a crap. i shared a great time with a woman that i thought hated me, or worse, felt indifferent towards me. i think it was because i was in such a great mood because of the awesome day i had yesterday. work wasn't great yesterday if i remember correctly. i left work to go home and change clothes and went right back to work to meet up with CHRISTI BROWN! hey-oh! all the way from the great johnson city. i ordered a drink and was treated like a common customer. it was weird. i just wanted to scream. "I WAS JUST HERE! WORKING...........REMEMBER? after that i actually went back home and waited till just before 2 to go back to starbucks to meet christi brown. aaaaanyway. they finally made it. i say they because it was christi brown and liz. we decided it would be a good idea to walk to downtown. did anyone go outside yesterday? i am guessing not because if you did you would not be able to sit up to read because you are still dehydrated. it was not a fun stroll. i was begging for a saline iv about halfway there.

on a side note, i just found out that jt is using my bath cloth loofah thing. i think that is gross.

anyway, we hit the afternoon highlights of downtown. liz got her asheville cappuccino, christie brown got her purse, and we exited a cupcake store with not a cupcake between the 3 of us. i may have gotten 3 brownies but that is beside the point. we ate at a great cuban place that had cheerwine fountain drinks. i would have to say that i love nothing more, drink wise, than cheerwine from a fountain machine. whilst at malaprops, christi brown bought me a birthday book against my will. i also picked up the new david sedaris (autographed copy but whatever, i am not bragging) and i hate to say it but i am not enjoying it as much as i thought i would. i set myself for the most hilarious book i have read in years. not that i don't love it, i do. don't put words in my mouth.
when i got home i took a nap. i have no idea what the deal is but i nap everyday. i hate it. anyway, i napped for about an hour. thrilling, no? i woke up and saw miss roxanne had both called and messaged me. the message lead me to believe that they were somewhere in the vicinity. i was right. i say they because it was roxanne angie and jessica! huzzah! they saw firsthand the "ignoring of charlie". i am not exaggerating. i didn't even get a drink. anyway, it was the greatest time that i have had in that building. i love when people come here!
the perfect end to this great day was waiting in the oven when i got home: take out from the fiddlin' pig! then i went to sleep. then woke up. then went to work. see the beginning of this entry.

jt is man-dating tonight. i am going to make meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes. i will be watching the twilight zone and maybe some arrested development for a break from the weird. my love for arrested development has been refreshed lately and that makes me happy. i applied for the job at city bakery earlier today. i really hope i get it. i am not getting my hopes up. there was a section at the end that said "is there anything else that we need to know?" and 3 lines giving you the space to say whatever you need to. i would say that most people use it to say they have a criminal record, i have no idea. i used it to bed and grovel. pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaase i want to work here! type situation. i feel embarrassed now. it makes me think of all the times that people turned in applications in bristol and we had a little laugh at their expense every now and again. we'll see. i should have put "any" in the position space. ha! goodbye.


chelsie said...

is the bakery a second job?

charles said...

yep. i only work 20 hours at starbucks. the hourly rate and tips are fan-diggity-tastic but i need more of them. honesty i am so burned out of starbucks that i am not sure if i could take more. this is not much more of a walk and i would be learning something. plus i have no idea when i am going to get to go back to school.

krunkkinoko said...

how's your yeast rising today, Charles?