Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my new favorite thing is looking at "other than america" craigslist apartment listings. places in london look so much better than any apartment i have seen. i also like looking at the "missed connections". harmony introduced me to the tragedy that is the missed connection and i have been scouring them since.

i worked a full 8.5 hour day today. it is such a rare thing anymore. i am tired and i want nothing more than to go to bed. instead i will update this beast, drool over homes i will never live in, and watch buffy the vampire slayer till i pass out.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

things jt does not want to cuddle with tonight:

king cobra
shit covered pig
grease covered hog
camel spider
honey badger
barbed wire
rabid weasel
adolecent male dog
werewolf in the midst of the change
lesser deer mouse
venus fly trap
nurse shark
japanese hornet
african honey bee
freshly cooked chicken nuggets
dremmel rotary tool
magic carpet ("cause who knows where i'll wake up" he says)

i am guessing anything else is go. i have to add that he was saying all of these things in a gruff southern accent.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ugh, i just watched the trailer for s. Darko. it was possibly the worst piece of crap i have ever seen. not even seeing jasper cullen can save it. it ruined a perfectly fine day.

today is our 2 year anniversary of sorts! we are not sure when the exact day is so we settle around the early 20s. jt cleaned house, folded clothes, and picked up dinner. i just had to come home and take a nap. now we are going to sonic and i am going to ruin my no soda streak. i have lost a total of 14 pounds since october! niiiiiice. i could have lost more and more consistantly if i didnt get discouraged around the holidays. geeeeeeez.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i went to the car, set on driving to work yesterday. we have side street parking and i was hoping that since it was early afternoon, no one would be parked. i was wrong. the person in front of me was about 1.5 inches away from me and there was a truck of some sort behind me. i panicked but i felt like i should give it a try. it was not happening. traumatic. i called work to say i would be late because i could not unpark the car. yeash. i walked super fast, due to the rage i was feeling for not being able to get a car out of a space. geez. i called jt and, as always, got to be the receiving end of a hissy fit. poor guy.

at any rate, happy valentines day! we are not really doing anything because the thought of leaving the apartment and putting myself through a hell i can't imagine is not doing it for me. we went to ingles last night and guys were scrambling to get gifts for their ladies. i told jt that if he ever got me ingles flowers less than 1 hour before valentines day, i would freak out. that is laaaaame. i am not a huge fan of flowers anyway, unless they are super exotic. i am going to spend the day watching buffy and reading.

Friday, February 13, 2009

'cause she's gooooone

maybe i just searched for "down came a blackbird" by lila mccann. maybe it look me more than a few minutes to find the whole thing. i might have listened to it 7 times so far. who knows?

it reminds me of going to illinois for the summer and annetta cranking it at 3 in the morning. it also reminds me of secretly loving it even though i was going through an angsty time when it was on tv constantly. i would say "UUUGGGHHHHH, i HATE country music!!" when really i was thinking "oh man, turn this shit up, i am loving it".

i am still listening to it and if i dont cool it i will be late for work. this is sad, really it is. i was going to walk to work today because i am terrified of driving the ol stick shift but since i was sucked in by thing song i am forced to drive.

i am dreading this full night of work. since all of the hours cutting i am used to going in for 5 hours and moving on. this 8 hours crap is for the birds.

i really have to get ready now. curse you lila mccann!

Monday, February 9, 2009

i did something today that i thought i would never do. it is almost too shocking to type because i am sure that no one expected this to happen.

i "hiked".

no kidding.

i am not sure where walking in the woods ends and hiking begins to be honest but that is what we called it so that is what happened. harmony called and proposed the idea and since i was dying to get out of the apartment, i went. we found a trailish type thing that was most definatly in the woods and it had honest to goodness inclines, nature things, and people passed us that looked like what i would consider people that hike. so yeah, it was hiking. the things we learned were the following:

*you are supposed to wear a bright color maybe? we passed 4-5 people, all of which had on orange.

*your shoes should have tread. i like my shoes like i like my tires, i am too lazy to get new of either. it was a laugh waiting to happen. my falling since i have to traction, not the joke.

*don't wear tight pants. this explains itself. i can't help that i can't find big girl jeans and i am too proud to go to a fat lady store. actually i am guessing hikers don't wear jeans? they wear organic hemp cords maybe, i have no idea.

*take some water, geez. 2 big girls trekking through the wild need hydration. simple as that.

*have a plan beforehand. we just looked for parked cars next to the woods, hoping that it wasn't a man-cave or place to get murdered. anybody remember the man-cave? FUNNY.

Friday, February 6, 2009

i just got home from work and boy, do i have some doozies to tell. my favorite happening of the day was when a young man got ticked at me for explaining what a cappuccino was. i am just going to put it into a play-type format for you guys.

him: i will take aaaaaa.....double chocolatey chip cappuccino.
me: ohhh the double chocolatey drink is a frappuchino, a cold drink. did you want a cappuccino with some mocha in it?
him: did i say anything about mocha?
me: well that is the chocolatey element. makes things chocolatey. taste like chocolate.
him: just give me an irish cream
me: we dont have irish cream
him: does it or does it not say cappuccino up there on that board?
me: irish cream is just a flavor. we dont carry it anymore. irish cream is not synonymous with cappuccino.
him: fine, if i cant get what i want, i just wont have anything.

his girlfrind talks him into getting a mocha, and when harmony calls it as a tall mocha he says "is this a white chocolate mocha?" and i almost hit the floor. now that i am typing it out, you really had to be there to get the greatness of this guy. or work at starbucks. either one.

the other story has to be told is person because it is about a creepy older gentleman mistaking me for a mccain fan and giving me the "eye". yeash.

also, on the way home i saw a guy on a unicycle that he was obviously using it for fitness. i have seen at least 3 guys on unicycles in asheville and it kind of makes me say "oh laaaamee, another 'unique' guy on a unicycle" but since this guy was dressed to exercise, i was impressed. plus i would say that he was pushing 60.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i had a dream about prince last night. it was super weird. everyone was applauding and screaming. after a while everyone calmed down and he started to talk. the first word in i screamed "oh my! i love you prince!" it was embarassing.

watch the video in my last post. at least till the 3 minute mark, that is 'round my favorite part. i am loving anything that has to do with will oldham. if he came out with an album full of fart sounds, i would listen to it.

Scout Niblett & Will Oldham - "Kiss" - Earlier Directors Cut from judesays on Vimeo.