Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lucy Jean! !

I wish I had posted the day she was born because it was a super amazing day. Now I waited so long that I barely remember. Robin called at 5 something in the morning and said "well, I am in the hospital." super calmly and in a way that did not say "I am about to birth a person I have been growing for months". I, on the other hand, freaked out. I had to get up for work at around 6 but I couldn't get back to sleep. I went to work and pretty much made everyone's day. Never has a barista been so friendly. The smile on my face was borderline insane. Even people that creep me out and make my day suck received real, honest to goodness conversation, a real smile, and I seriously wished them a good day.....weirdos. Trust me, next time I saw these people it was back to normal, but on May 3th, they got the royal treatment. Every chance I got I told people that my best friend was giving birth and I was most likely going to get to hold her in mere hours. I know now it may have been a little strange to say this over and over to people that just want a freakin' cup of coffee but I was excited! Dru let me leave early.....rephrase, I said "dude, it is slow, there are a million people working, I am going to leave, I have a kid to see". fast forward===went home, packed up the Cheerwine for the new parents, headed out. who cares about this part.

I was kind of worried earlier in the day that she would be several hours old by the time I got there. I am late to everything, if I show up at all. Anyway, that is a whole different issue. On the way up Destiny, and sometimes Robin, was texting me and I got the message she was going into surgery for a c-section. That made me panic a little because I still had a ways to drive.

Fast forward====I pulled into the hospital and saw Bill and Destiny in the parking lot. We were casually talking for a minute when Destiny said something or another that signaled Lucy was already born. I was like "she is here?!?!". It was not a super cool moment for me. She asked if i wanted to see the picture and I have to admit that I wanted to see her in person first. I gave in and grabbed the camera. I was so relieved how beautiful she was because I made a promise to Robin that if she was not cute I would be honest and tell her up front. This was not a promise made in jest, woman was serious. She was 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and 20 inches and pure awesome. When we got to the, ward, area, whatever it is called, she was getting a little sponge bath and not really enjoying it. I could only see a chubby leg and maybe an arm flying every few seconds but it was super cute none the less. The nurse finally brought her over so we could just sit and gawk at her for a little while. I may have cried at one point and could be crying right now. Just meeting someone that you've only known as a name and some pink clothes...okay, a TON of clothes, to finally see her was amazing.

At some point, they brought Robin out to look at her and the nurse said "well, what do you think about her?" she replied "I guess she's alright". HILARIOUS. I expected nothing less from Robin, comedy gold after hours of labor and major surgery. I did a weird laugh/cry combo that is always a super satisfying emotion. I stared at her for a little while then she got wheeled into the room with Jarred and Robin for some bonding time. I did a little family bonding myself with JT and Robin's uncle Bill. We talked about tattoos, dogs, strawberry shortcake, and more tattoo stuff. I have to say it was pretty epic.

Fast forward====I got to hang out with the Lucy for a bit and I have to say that it fueled the already intense baby fever. maybe because she didn't cry or poop whilst I was there and stayed constantly cute. I held her for a bit till a nurse came in and snagged her for a test. Annoying. When she came back I had to start saying my goodbyes. Robin was holding her and Jarred was standing beside of her. When Lucy heard Jarred's voice she almost gave herself whiplash trying to follow the sound of his voice and open her eyes to look at him. It would have been a prime cry/laugh moment but I stayed pretty collected. When JT and I have a baby, it is going to have to work extra hard to top it's cousin.