Sunday, June 8, 2008

my friend

uhg, we just had the best dinner ever. ever. i dont even want to talk about it because i am so full that even thinking about food is making me ill. we has chicken sauted in olive oil with onions, pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, and a great salad. i cant even express how great it was. even though i was full after we ate, i had a cherry pie with cool whip. it was great great great. what tops it off, we were watching "over her head body". hilarious. i hate eva longoria so much but i wanted to watch it because paul rudd is the greatest ever. i hate to say it but this is not the worst movie i have ever seen. jt has laughed at least a dozen times. that means a lot.

work was nothing to really write about. apparently i say "my friend" a lot and people are starting to take notice. my customer line goes a little something like this "there you are my friend, you have a good day now", when i am handing out a drink or giving back money. other than that, nothing really happened. i couldn't bring myself to walk to work today because it was hot hot hot and because the though of losing that half hour made me insane.

ha, an all american rejects song is playing on this movie. ugh, that is torture. AWFUL! at lunch with christi brown and liz, we tried to think of that bands name for a full 5 minutes. wasted time but it was something that we had to do. the other girl in this movie is great, i have no idea who she is...i am going to google her. hold please.

lake bell. her name is lake.........bell. moving on.

ha, jt just let out the most hilarious laugh i have ever heard.

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