Monday, June 23, 2008


i am back! had a good time in was jts birthday by the way. i really am not in a big bloging mood at the moment. here are some key points:

-we are about to eat the greatest salad in the world
-i love ira glass a little more and more every time i listen to him
-work dragged on and on and nothing really happened
-i am almost finished with the twilight series
-i got some roller skates and i am planning to try them out in the carpeted hallway later in the evening
-george carlin died and i just rented a performance of his from the blockbuster a couple of days ago. WEIRD. i am sad about it
-we are having cheeseburgers for dinner
-i have heartburn again...i haven't eaten anything! i am blaming it on nuts again.
-i got my etsy dress a few days ago and i have worn it every opportunity i get. i am wearing it right now! it is the most comfortable thing i have worn in a really long time. i asked her to make me a couple more.
-i may nap after lunch. not a great idea but i am going to do it anyway.
-i got my bridesmaid dress for dee dees weddin' today. we will try to figure it out and take some pictures via cellphone tonight.
-georgia was a great time and i think that it is the only place on the earth that i can get a whole night of sleep. i dont wake up 4-5 times that i normally do. as soon as i hit the pillow i am out cold and dont wake up till i smell food. that is the best way to wake up i must add.
-jt got 2 new pairs of shorts and a pair of shoes. i could not be happier!

salad will be here in a minute!

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chelsie said...

i wanna see your etsy dress!