Thursday, June 5, 2008

what was i about to do?

i was lurking around this blog that i read everyday and it makes me sick that i do and about halfway through i thought of something i wanted to do so i just skimmed the rest of the entry and stood up. i physically stood up and thought to myself "what am i doing?" i walked to different areas of the apartment to try to get some information but i still have no idea. maybe i was going to have something to eat or make some coffee or something. i am supposed to be finishing the book i had been reading so we can lend it out friday but i haven't. i say we just lend it out and i finish reading it in august. i am not in the mood to read lately. which is sad. i have 4 other books to read besides the one we are letting her read so i am fine with those odds. what in the heck was i going to do?!?!?! it is making me hulky mad! i just started the hot chocolate making process, i hope that is what i wanted 10 minutes ago. i doubt it.

uhg, i just deleted this huge paragraph about my blog reading issues and it made me feel strange and exposed. delete delete delete. the same way it makes me feel when i break my neck to look into peoples houses to see what color their walls are. if i could look into their refrigerators that would be even better! i think this just makes me nosy rosy and i can live with that. as long as i am not hiding out in someones bedroom closet i am okay. i just want to know what ya had for dinner, is that so wrong? if anyone wants to know what we had for dinner i wont tell you because it was not good for anyone. we eat like people that don't know how to cook. i really want to start making actual food. that will be my some point. right now i am going to make some chicken nuggets and instant hot chocolate while i watch "mr. magoriums wonder emporium".

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