Thursday, June 26, 2008

fruitful day

we ate at an old people cafeteria today and it was GREAT. think of picadilly without crappy food. i ate the 3rd best chocolate pie of my life. the first being my mom's chocolate pie i remember from my youth, the 2nd being cracker barrel. i ate 5/6th of a whole cracker barrel pie. the other piece was inhaled by a certain miss roxanne. you know you did it. after that we went to mr. k's and got an armload of books for the low low price of $24. i got 2 garrison keillor books and "name all the animals". jt got every douglas adams story ever, and a "why my wife thinks im an idiot" by mike greenburg. that is a pretty good deal. its like getting 5 books for the price of one hardback OR two and a half paperbacks. then we came home and i fussed about not having a nice place to display all of our books and nice things. what i really meant was "please get rid of all your stuff so i can bring in more of my stuff". i realize this and i need to compromise a little better. i am slowly taking over the apartment and my stuff is always eeeeverywhere. things that i don't even use or need. i read about "the 100 thing challenge" and i honestly don't think i could have only 100 things. this includes clothing and shoes. i do need to get rid of things that i haven't used in the past year and dont plan to use this year or the next.

i am trying to think of something that happened at work. nothing exciting.

jt is home so we can finish dinner. the end.

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