Thursday, May 22, 2008


look at these delicious cupcakes. guiness on the left, 2 black forests on the right. i would also like to add that at this particular cupcake place, the "fallen" cupcakes are half price and i take full advantage of that. plus i like the little sign that says "oops! i fell over!". clever cupcake people. i bring it up because it seems like everywhere i look i see cupcakes. every food, personal, and crafty blog features some sort of cupcake. cupcakes are like the jello molds of our time. all of the specialty cupcakes, your salty peanut, coffee, tiramisu, eggnog, are like the jello molds in fancy shapes with grapes in them. hopefully as a generation we will get over it soon because i don't think i can handle much more. this particular batch of cupcakes that we bought sparked quite the spat between jt and i. it was when he first got his new car and i said "hey, can i eat one of these in here?", knowing that the answer was no. of course he said "i would rather you didn't". i laughed and started eating it anyway. uhg, that was a bitchy thing to do. he got really quiet and we didn't talk the whole ride home. it was not the fact that i ate in the car, it was the fact the he had asked me not to and i just disregard everything he says. he would never outright tell me not to do anything, except that one time that he said "you cant eat cookies for breakfast!" and it made me so mad that i ate a whole sleeve cookie monster style.

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