Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i was too lazy to include a playlist with the package and there were things i wanted to explain.

1. catchers song-great lake swimmers/i am a sucker for banjos and harmony. i love this whole cd.
2. By The Time The Sun's Gone Down-langhorne slim/i love his voice so much! we saw him at rhythm and roots last year and i fell in love with him.
3. checking out-langhorne slim/i love to sing this song in the shower. i like to sing it in general. i also love kazoo solos and when groups of people sing together (towards the end)
4. hey-ho-leah & chloe/we also saw these ladies last year. anyone that can juggle fire and play the fiddle is okay in my book. i have never seen poi look so awesome. actually it is always awesome.
5. the lowering-the avett brothers/i love how their voices blend perfectly, i honestly can't get tired of hearing them
6. Paranoia in B Major-the avett brothers/anyone that calls me knows this is my ringback tone. again, i know they are becoming really popular these days but i am not going to drop them like i usually would.
7. pretty girl from san diego-the avett brothers/man, i put a lot of these guys on there. i love the last half of this song. the "la la la la..." part just makes me swoon and my mood elevates instantly.

okay, i think the order i am going off of is mixed up but i think the rest is in this order:

8. pretty girl from chile-the avett brothers/i love the pretty girl series! this one is my favorite because it really sounds like 3 songs in 1.
9. love man-otis redding/i just love to hear this song. it cracks me up and makes me happy. plus i still kill the dirty dancing soundtrack every now and again.
10. if it's the beaches-the avett brothers
11. dogsong-the be good tanyas/jt does not like a lot of the music i do but he loves the be good tanyas and we have to listen to all 3 albums in the car constantly. not that i am complaining. i love all 3 and it was hard to pick just 1 song.
12. skeleton key-margot and the nuclear so-and-so's/i think of this song as almost a guilty pleasure song. i am not a huge fan of them but when i first moved to kingsport i listening to this song all day everyday for week or 2. it is not even a style of music i really like, i have no idea.
13. picture in a frame-tom waits/i am becoming a tom waits fan in my old age. my favorite line in this song is "...i'm gonna love you till the wheels come off...."
14. feist-limit to your love/ this song plays constantly at work and i secretly love the whole cd.
15 boy with a coin-iron and wine/do me a favor and watch the video on youtube. sam beam looks uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable but i watch it all the time.

well, thats it. i hope that you find at least one song you like! woo hoo!

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