Friday, May 23, 2008


jt just said something funny a little bit ago and i forgot what it was....when i asked just now if he remembered what is was and he said "you didn't laugh so i really have no idea". he has been firing the jokes tonight but missing the mark 9 times out of 10. the funniest thing being his new thing ending sentences with "....on your face, big disgrace" queen style. example: i said "i could go for some cheesy tots" and he said "tots on your face, big disgrace!" it is getting old but thats okay. it was not okay when i was still enjoying said cheesy tots and he put his feet dangerously close to them. i am talking about 2-3 inches here. ha, i may have forgotten the funny things that happened earlier but here is a gem he just spit out: "what are you typin' there lightnin' fingers?". that was a good one. if i remember that thing from earlier i will come back. we are watching "the last waltz" a documentary about "the band". i have to admit i am enjoying it.

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