Saturday, May 17, 2008


egad, i really can't wait to go to work on Monday. i am pretty sure i will never say that again. it has just been a long month of absolutely nothing. i did knit a shit load of dish cloths though. this thing just corrected my spelling of shit load. i know now that it is not one word. common mistake? i think so. today i have watched a whole season of a show i would rather not talk about because it is terrible but it is an accomplishment, to watch a whole season of a terrible show in one day. not that i have not done it before ladies and gentleman! nothing more embarrassing than renting a 3 disc set from blockbuster and returning it on the same day. actually there are a million things more embarrassing but i honestly didn't think so at the time. especially since it was "bridezilla". i have moved on so i think we should never bring it up again.

in other news my sewing machine works and i will hopefully be on my way to making something the resembles a useful fabric Frankenstein in the near future. i am pretty proud of the fact that i cleaned, threaded, and even adjusted it on my own.

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