Saturday, May 10, 2008


i am hoping that this blog can be completely uncensored. not that it will be full of cursing, nudity, or anything like that....i just hate feeling like i have to be a watered down version of myself because i am afraid i will offend someone. actually that is a lie. i had a lot of people on my list that i would hate to hurt or offend with language or being open about my feelings. i think it goes back to caring about what people think of me and not wanting to show a side that i know they would not be comfortable with or they weren't familiar with. if that means i am hiding here, i have to live with that. i am making it sound like this will be a journal full of ranting and complaining...far from it my friend! i just may throw in a word or 3 that i would not want a child to hear and i may say something terrible about someone in the middle of the fun. enjoy!

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