Friday, May 23, 2008

ice ice baby (duh duh duh duh duh duh dun dun)

since robin butchered my vanilla ice stories on her podcast i am going to clear them up. the first visit i honestly felt a little starstruck. he ordered a tall coffee and when whoever was serving him grabbed the small cup he said "no no no no no, i want something taller than that!", wanting a large. i was working the bar and had the pleasure of watching him doctor up the ol brew (ha, sorry, that is lame but it is funny in my head). he stirred in so much cream it rivals the fact that i put 3 heaping tablespoons coffeemate into my at home coffee. he then licked the stir stick and said "just the way i like it". in that vanilla ice voice. you know the one.

the next trip was slightly more hilarious. a guy named noel helped him. i would also like to add that noel was man-cub (what was his actual name in the jungle book???? egad, we just watched that earlier a few weeks ago. i am too lazy to google it) at disneyworld for years! he told me some stories of weird things that happen there....moving on to my story. so noel said "what can i get for you?" and he actually said "something with french vanilla in it" noel explained that we dont have french vanilla, we have regular vanilla, and really what is french vanilla?" VI then says "ok regular vanilla." and get this.....he wants it COLD! ha! cold as ice maybe?? i am thinking "is this really happening? is he setting himself up for this?" HILARIOUS! at that store we asked for names to put on the cup so we could both learn your name and so idiots would not get the wrong drink and VI gave a fake name. noel asks "are you serious?" and VI just told him to write whatever on the cup. you dont argue with harcore VI. so then he starts flirting with these girls that are really not into him and kind of make fun of him. a girl i worked with that i honestly have no visual or memory of other than the fact that she came from the back and told VI the story of how she gave him a demo cd and he was mean to her and yadda yadda yadda.

other celebrities i saw or met whilst working either there or at red coral:

billy corgan (bottled tea and his dad got an iced tall vanilla latte)
liza minelli (venti caramel frappucinno)
that guy who was in the e street band then on sopranos. uhg i just forgot his name (he ate dinner with the owner of the red coral....i just stared over the balcony while i rolled silverware)
one of the playmates of the year (i had never seen such a weird looking person in real life)
alan ruck (oh boy that is a funny story)

uhg, i dont wanna go to work!

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I am sooooo glad this is finally in print!