Saturday, May 17, 2008

love and marriage

so i am pretty much obsessed with being married, having a house, and having a baby. just so everyone knows. no idea where it came from but there it is. the reason i bring this up is i like to look at things related to those things on the internet. the most recent being baby slings. jt is against slings and wants to strictly carry or stroller our tot of the future. i think that makes no sense at all because carrying kids around for a long period of time sucks and strollers are irritating to the world. in my opinion. anyway, we were in the car the other day and whilst having this debate i just screamed "one of the main reasons i want a baby is so i can carry it around in an awesome sling!" what i really said was "we are not going to be having a baby in the few few years because i am bananas ass crazy". does it stop me from looking at slings online? oh no. it does not. the one that prompted this post was a nice creamed colored number with several complicated ties that made me double take and say out loud "is that a straight jacket?!?!?"

i want to show jt when he gets home but then he will know i am looking at baby things and that would be weird.

love yoooooooou


adxupsilon2002 said...

I want a baby sling too!!
Screw a stroller. Not only is the baby sling more convenient for shopping and the general carry of the child in a public place.... it's very hippie and natural. the child is in a natural position...and the slings I've looked at online (and yes, I have a bookmark) you can wear like 10 different ways.

so, 1 vote for the sling over the bulky annoying mess that is a stroller.


charles said...

i think the only reason that he hates them is because he thinks that the kid is on the verge of falling out, as if they can just slip out of the bottom or something. i am not sure what sling he has seen but hopefully in the next 10 years when we finally have a child i can show him the greatness.