Tuesday, May 27, 2008

big haircut

'round about the time for jt to get home i hear the jingle of the door handle. i have a picture in my head of who is going to be walking through the door. what i saw was not what i expected and i may have jumped in shock. it was jt with a haircut. he immediately started stomping around saying "i hate it, i hate it, don't look at me!". i think it looks great but he cant stand it. he threw himself onto the bed and took an angry nap. needless to say i snuck a few pictures but he does not know that and never needs to. he is on his regular tuesday man-date that i practically had to force him to go to because he is ashamed of his new hair. the bright side is this: when we go out to eat it seems like we are always put in the farthest corner of the eatery, out of sight. i have always noticed it but a couple of weeks ago it was obvious when we went to the olive garden. i know, the olive garden sucks when you are in a city with awesome restaurants and local goodness all around but i had a hankering as they say. anyway, at the olive garden it was obvious we were in the section where they put people that they want out of sight. the people behind us were saying "if we split an entree, do we still get free bread sticks and salad?" and "this is all i can eat right?". the couple across the aisle looked just like lil kim and kevin federline. diagonally we had a man that said to the sever, "i'm takin' momma out to a good supper!" and then complained about the stuff chicken marsala "....shew, this ain't stuffed good enough!"
the point of that story and the bright side of it being: with jt's spiffy new 'do and my big girl purse we may not have to sit in the riff-raff section anymore! hey-oh@
i am going to say one more thing about that trip: the chicken marsala was stuffed good enough, it was pretty good.
we went to blockbuster earlier and took advantage of the 3 for $20 deal and we are the proud owners of hot fuzz, sweeney todd, and the darjeeling limited. i am going to watch one right now. actually, i also rented 27 dresses so i am going to watch that first.
speaking of 27 dresses, dee, chels, and i went to knoxville to check out a bridesmaid dress or 2 and it was a B-U-S-T bust. we went to the mall there and clothes wise it was a bust for me as well. it did prompt a secret workout today. i could not find a stitch of clothing. uhg. a secret workout is where i lock and chain all of the doors, move the furniture and do some crazy workout tapes on mute. it is fun without being fun at all.
speaking of clothes though, i have a new little obsession. etsy.com has an alchemy section where you can request handmade items. give them the details of what you want and what you are willing to pay for them and people will then bid on the chance to make them. you decide who is going to do it and they make it, you look at it, if you like it, you buy it. right now i am having a great custom made dress coming! heyoh! i am really excited.

i am going to watch a movie now.


Robin said...

um...send me that picture of JT in the angry nap asap!

He definetly needs a man-date after yesterday! haha

charles said...

egad, this thing gets comments late. you posted this at almost 8 and i am just now getting it at 11. trust me, i have been checking this beast all day. all day long. i will send you a picture tomorrow, as it is tooooo late tonight