Saturday, May 24, 2008

boring post ahead

work is meh, today was generally meh. my plan after work was to clean whilst jt was in south carolina but i came home and sat in this chair and i rarely leave it. i made dinner but i was what i like to call a boil and simmer dinner than requires little if any prep and you just sit till its done. i took a shower only so i dont have to take one at the crack of dawn tomorrow. i just want to get up, suit up, drive up (the road), and work.........up? no, no up. i really should have cleaned. this place is so small that if you even have more than one glass on a surface or the table is a bit cluttered, it looks as if a hurricane hit. i realize now that i am the messy one. jt is the dirty one. i have more things and drag more crap out through the course of the day. jt just does gross things like putting an open jar of spaghetti sauce in the cabinet instead of the fridge. we also dirty up every dish in the house every day it seems. since i hate to wash silverware i will wash everything else but the silverware until i have no choice but to. this is a boring post. still on this subject, i sprayed a heavy dose of oust all around the apartment so when jt comes home and all is dark it will kind of smell like i cleaned. then in the morning he will be perplexed and feel deceived. i cant wait till be get a bigger place. actually, we dont need a bigger place but i kind of miss the days of living in a pretty big apartment all alone. i had a whole bedroom just to throw crap into. this place really cheap and close to downtown though. moving on. i have to go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

CHARLWIE!!!!!! I got your package whoo hoo!!! it made me so happy and i need some happiness right now. I haven't got to listen to the cd yet b/c i'm at work but i'll get back to you on the judgment. I love the grape gummies they are delicious yummy:)