Friday, May 23, 2008

to walk or not to walk?

i have to be at work at 12:45. it is 11. i live about 2-3 blocks away. should i walk? keep in mind i will be wearing head to toe black. plus we have been walking in the evening. ack! i am walking i guess. shew. i am also brewing a pot of coffee because i am embarrassed by the fact i bastardize coffee by putting coffeemate in it. i don't want my new co-workers to think ill of me yet. i got a great book yesterday that i will reveal the title of when i am sure it is not the science fiction train wreck that i think it has potential to be. jt read the preface and said "that sounds really good" so it gave me a hint that i may hate it. we'll see.

i have to prepare myself for work. that means i have to throw myself over ever surface in the apartment saying "i don't wanna go to work!" then crossing my arms and pouting. it makes it funnier, the fact that there is no one else here but i will still do this.


Anonymous said...

i love you and your crazy ass blog

Psyche Zenobia said...

Hey! Long time no see. Me and Rox are thinking about coming to see you soon. Btw, still lovin' that coffee, haha! I need your email since I'm no longer on Myspace. Hit me at