Friday, May 23, 2008


jt is on a man-date tonight and i am using this time alone to watch "the miracle of life", nova/pbs style.

i would also like to reflect on my day at work. i am pretty sure that my co-workers do not like me. i could have ranted on for pages about this subject when i first got home but i felt so bad that i wanted my intestines to feel the same so we went the Cracker Barrel. our server was the biggest waste of space i have seen in a dogs age. jt and i will tip a person even if they threw our food right on your laps but i honestly wanted to hit this girl. i dont want to go into it because it really just bothered me to the point that i cant make it entertaining. i have been a server before, i know it sucks but if you want to make some money, smile every once in while. humor me and fake laugh at my jokes, i will tip you handsomely! don't roll your hand in an effort to make me pick up the pace, it takes a second for me to say "just go ahead and give me 3 hash brown casseroles!". i hate when people are so impatient that it looks like they have to pee. you know what i am talking about. constantly saying "uh huh, uh huh, yep", nodding the head in an unnatural fashion, shifting from one foot to the other....i get it! you are in a hurry and i am holding you up! i gotcha! i could go on about this gal but i wont!

i am going to talk more about how i think everyone at work hates me. hate is a strong word here. i think they just could take or leave me. i am just not used to having this hard of a time getting acclimated to an environment. i don't know what it is. i feel like i am a pretty nice person. i like a good laugh, i like to make people laugh, i smile a lot, and unless you are a completely hateful person, i will most likely like you. i wont go into too much because i think i just need more time to adjust and get comfortable. even though this job has been part of my life for so many years, things are still new and every place is different and i cant be expected to just jump back in and automatically kick ass. plus i have been on "vacation" for a month. since then a lot of new stuff has happened company wise and most of it i have no idea what it is. like when on my first day here i was introduced to the "spoodle". its a whole new world. plus i am in a role that i haven't been in for many a year. arg! i will be talking about it a lot of course so we'll see.

this was a ranty entry. sorry!

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