Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i loved my time here, didn't know till i was gone

oh my. i would like to reflect on the first time i saw the avett brothers live. i had just moved to kingsport and it was the first time i was living completely alone. i hated staying there even though the apartment was everything i wanted. i always felt alone and never at home. i would always go to big stone and hang out with anyone that would. ANYWAY, i was coming from big stone one night and every road to my building was blocked. i was on the verge of tears so i just parked randomly and went to see what the heck was going on. it was the free thursday night outside concert shindig in the middle of downtown. i heard the tell-tale whistling into of "at the beach" and i felt so happy. i got closer and realized that it was neither a cover nor a stereo, it was really them! i laughed and screamed without feeling embarrassed at all. it was mostly older people in camping chairs and about 2 dozen younger people in front who knew who they were. it was the tail end of the show but it was the best 15 minutes i have ever spent in kingsport. they played november blue and i teared up and actually had to sit down, it was amazing. i could not have been happier. i went to the soul sucking apartment and though i still didnt feel at home, i didnt hate my situation as much.
the reason i thought of that time was hearing the live version of november blue on pandora. my live volume 2 cd wont play the last half for some reason. i hadnt heard it in a while is the point of that.
after i sent the mixed cd out i thought about how much my taste in music has changed in the past few years. i remember being in middle school and high school thinking that i had such diverse taste in music but i really only liked a certain style. i would always say "i like everything but bluegrass!" which was really not true at all. if that person i was knew that i love a banjo...hilarious. i still like the things i did in the past, i just like more traditional things i guess. i dont know. i like what i like and i dont want to be judge on what i like. not that i dont judge the crap out of people. i like to make fun of the newer music and radio crap but i will admit (most of the time) that it is my opinion and not fact. people are protective of their music. phew. as long as you dont listen to fall out boy i am okay.


Anonymous said...

what a great story!!!

remember the time you and I went to see OCMS (before they were "cool" and when we got back I had to go to the ER because of my tongue and you slept through it and didn't know. hahaha

charles said...

it was because your bed was from heaven. HEAVEN! plus i wore that stupid pink shirt and i just wanted to pretend that it was just a dream that i was in public wearing a cowgirl shirt