Saturday, May 31, 2008

thank you chelsie for making me watch old gregg! soft creamy beige

herro. i am trying to think of what we did yesterday. it was date night so we went to eat at this mexican place down the way. last time we went we had to wait forever to get eeevvvverything. we are both so passive that we just let it go and waited. when they finally brought whatever we were waiting for at the moment, apologetically mind you, we just laughed and said "awww man, it aint no big thang, haha its okay!". when really we were thirsty and hungry and cranky. it was really good though so we went back. this time i had trouble remembering what i got last time that i loved so much and the server didnt understand just i just really wanted something covered in cheese. bring me a shoe covered in cheese and i will eat it. moving on....we were going to see a movie but every theater was packed and the thought of seeing any of the movies that are out right now make me sick. save ironman. egad, that was a great movie. i would see it again. right now. i think after than we came home. let me get confirmation on that.........................................................................................................................................nope, we went to world market. it was treatie heaven. i got strawbery and litchi gummies, almond crush pocky, 2 coffee mugs, and a pot scrubber. jt got a mix and match 6-pack, 1 of which is mine. a girly pear cider. THEN we went home. we read, watched "old gregg" a million times, drank kool-aid, and read some more. i got a wild hair to watch "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and since my copy is lost, we went to target to get another. they didnt have it so we went to walmart. walmart didnt have it but they did have an amazing $5 bin going on. we picked out the best of the worst (13 going o n30, my cousin vinny, first blood, the secret window, and meet joe black). the checkouts were backed up so we put them back and left. THEN we went to sonic and got a cup of ice and some food. back home, watched old gregg, did many old gregg impressions, read some more, went to bed.

today i think we are going to grocery shop, mail something, go to the lake and walk, find my movie, read some more, and maybe i will finish my tote bag. i will let you know.


Anonymous said...

love games?

old greg reminds me of this guy I befriended and hung out with and then he dropped me like a BADDDDD habit. fucking bastard. I hope old greg kidnaps him and rapes the shit out of him. I know that's a little brash but I don't care. It hurt my feelings! haha

charles said...

have you seen what old greg looks like when he is not old greg? yeesh, it freaked me out.