Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"i need a tostada to calm my nerves!"

i know snl is hit or miss but Katlin (sp?) skits really kill me every time. every time. if you know what i am talking about you know what i am talking about. that sentence should be taken out back and shot, i know. i am thinking of actually telling people about this blog (i puked just typing that word) so i will not feel like i am just using this as some sort of ranting outlet for myself. plus i get so much pleasure reading about other peoples lives, i want to share that. not that i do anything worth reading about. i ate leftovers and ice cream at 7 this morning, watched 2 episodes of heroes, thought about doing laundry, and now i am going to shower and wait for jt to get home. we are going to walk for a bit before dinner and then watch some crappy movie that i would rather not talk about but i have to see the badness for myself. when i first looked at the box i said "ew, terrible." then we saw the preview and who made the movie and thought we would give it a chance. when we were checking out the woman said "trust me, you are going to be begging for your money back on this one, its that bad". i got really irritated by that. mostly because the people at this particular blockbuster are such elitist assholes, i want to punch them. 2 guys were having a conversation about "the fountain" not too long ago whilst we were there and the word "transcendent" got thrown out. i just wanted to laugh and say "YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSIVE!" i want to say that a lot here. i really hate when you can tell what type of person you are dealing with just by looking at them. they were that type. i could go on about this but i am going to wait. jt and i got in the car and laughed. not to mention that everything that day was described as transcendent. moving on.

shower time.

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