Tuesday, October 7, 2008

jacket on, jacket off

well. i hate to say it but i called in again today. it is my last full week and i called in. i would say that it is not like me to do that but i think it really is, i just dont do it at starbucks. even on my sickest day i dont call in there. if i am sick, i go in, cry in private about how crappy i feel, tough it out, go home at my scheduled time. the couple of other jobs i have had in the past i may have called in. actually, at the officey job i had, i drove around the building for 10 minutes and quit from the red light outside. it was the same feeling of "egad, if i have to even smell that place i am going to freak out!".

lets not talk about it anymore. if i get fired there, i would celebrate. no joke. i need to go to school. thats all there is too it. right now i just need to watch forgetting sarah marshall again, eat some chips and cheese, and do my old lady workout. i have switched from a secret workout to an old lady workout. let me just tell you, walking and kicking in place is hard.

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chelsie said...

hahaha i love you.

forgetting sarah marshall was a bomb, i thought...i mean....i was sorta funny.....