Wednesday, October 8, 2008

guess who got a haircut today?! me! it has elevated my self esteem to dangerous heights. i felt aweful going in because jt was sick all night and into the morning and since it was raining, he drove me into town. mostly likely almost puking the whole way. it took a over an hour and i got to watch this crazy kid behind me getting a haircut and on the other side i got to see his mother reacting to her wackity ass kid. hilarious. i would say he was about 10 and something happened with his hair involving fire. hilarious. i wish i knew the whole story. all i know is that he said "the smell of burned hair never goes away and the smell of fire never leaves your hair, that i can say for a fact!". hilarious. he was making weird faces the whole time and then he would smile a little too big not to be crazy. then he would kick his shoes off on the sly and slither down mid cut to put them back on. i am sure he thought that the woman cutting his hair was none the wiser. it was the greatest thing to watch. his mom was just as proud as a peach of this kid. good for them. i decribed the kid to jt as being a typical downtown upper class ashevillian kid. i dont even know what that means or if it is typical but that is what i imagine them to be like. anyway. i am happy to have hair that does not look gross and i am happy that i didnt have to work this morning. more good news is that i dont have to work at target for the rest of the week because he got someone to cover my shifts. the only thing that bothered me was when i said "uhg, thanks for covering that for me, i just couldn't do it!" and he said "well, it could have been done (talking about my 70 hour work week), you just couldn't do it." i am well aware it can be done, i have done it. if i didnt hate it so much, i would have happily gone in and worked the hell out of this week. whatever dude, i have my mornings off and a great haircut.

i am going to work. i am going to do an old lady workout when i get home because i dont have to wake up early! yay!

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chelsie said...

i want to see your haircut!
email it to me!